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Things to do:
Now on the [ ParaView Developer wiki]
== Bugs ==
A number of bugs must be fixed.
* [ Datasets with only cell or row data]
* [ Models are now multiblocks of tables]
== Features ==
Among the considered features:
=== Integral ===
These features are related to making statistics pervasive throughout the user interface.
* Find data (find values that are extremal, or in a particular inter-quantile interval, etc.)
* Calculator (additional statistics buttons for some descriptive statistics)
* Automatic statistics filter (decides what to do for the user given a dataset and variables of interest on it)
=== Advanced Filters ===
This more or less what is currently in PV, plus the following:
* Hypothesis testing
* Linked selection for the model tables
* Access to more (or all) parameters in a generic way

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