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== Pre-compiled binaries ==
== Pre-compiled binaries ==

* Download packages on [https://data.kitware.com/#collection/567187b68d777f429eac8de6/folder/567197338d777f429eac8dea data.kitware.com]
* Download packages on [https://data.kitware.com/#collection/567187b68d777f429eac8de6/folder/567197338d777f429eac8dea data.kitware.com]. Short URL: [http://bit.ly/1Inw5LF http://bit.ly/1Inw5LF]
* Install SlicerPET
* Install SlicerPET
** Execute SlicerPET-xxx.exe on Windows
** Execute SlicerPET-xxx.exe on Windows

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System requirements

SlicerPET requires 1GB of RAM minimum, with more highly recommended. Common data sets may require 4GB or more RAM for processing. A fast graphics card or GPU that supports OpenGL is also recommended. SlicerPET runs on Microsoft Windows 7 and a variety of Linux distributions.

Pre-compiled binaries

Target OS and compiler

  1. Windows operating system
  2. VS2013
  3. 64 bit
  4. CMake >= 3.1
  5. Qt 4.8.7 or 4.8.6
  6. Slicer:
    1. GIT_REPOSITORY git@github.com:dzenanz/Slicer.git
    2. GIT_TAG v4.5-fix2CLIs