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External Projects

The SlicerPET application is based on Slicer Framework. In addition to the external projects included by Slicer official, SlicerPET includes

  1. PathPlanner
    2. GIT_TAG: "2d2ed19b89d477a8540ac4dd76468e4911c3f7de"
  2. PlusLib
    2. SVN_REVISION: "-r "2670"
  3. VisualLine
    1. GIT_REPOSITORY "${git_protocol}://"
    2. GIT_TAG "75b442fe6d81b230620e9c689766571dfc37e5c8"
  4. VolumeResliceDrive
    1. GIT_REPOSITORY "${git_protocol}://"
    2. GIT_TAG "6f5b0e868f6f0a37404ee5cf09757de1ab7b43d4"

Video Tools

To produce the videos showing how the different modules work, we used the following tools:

  • On Windows:
    • We used CamStudio, a tool that allows to record all screen and audio activity on the computer. To improve the quality of the videos, we boosted the video option of the tool to the maximum (Quality 100% and 1000 frame per second).
    • We used VLC to record the streaming video from a camera device.
  • On Mac:
    • We used iMovie for post-production, editing and voice-over