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  • Jim Miller
  • Nick Tuiston
  • Vincent Magnotta
  • Luis Ibanez
  • Mike Halle
  • Doug Alan


  • Simplify release of ITK 3.4
    • Do only bug triage
    • Postpone moving IJ papers 3.6
  • Statistics Refactoring
    • Keep the old one for a year or more
    • Convert the Examples
      • Keep a log of the changes as a tutorial for converting from the old code to the new code
      • The updated examples will provide material for updating the ITK Software Guide
  • MetaDataDictionary
    • Use in Astronomy images
    • How to propagate the metadata through the pipeline ?
    • From the FITS reader, we also load a "coordinate calculator" object
      • Is the MetaDataDictionary the appropriate mechanism for moving this data through the pipeline.
    • Will continue the discussion at the NAMIC project week.

Action Items