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Facilities and Equipment

Kitware, Inc. is a small business located in Clifton Park, NY. Founded in 1998, Kitware has grown to sixteen individuals (with two more hiring slots currently open). Kitware’s mission is to create, maintain and service open-source software, and to create proprietary products on top of the open-source software. Kitware has been profitiable since its inception and has made a world-wide impact with ite well known VTK, ITK, and CMake systems. Kitware possesses signifcant software, visualization, and biomedical imaging talent, with 8 PhD’s and 5 MS on staff.

Kitware has a mixed environment of personal and shared computing platforms. Employees average three computers per person (desktop, laptop, and home system), each computer an Intel processor (Pentium 4, Xeon or equivalent) running Windows 2000, XP, or Linux. Several of these computing platforms are dual processor systems. Shared resources include a variety of workstations such as Sun, HP, and Mac OSX. Kitware also maintains several server systems to provide public access to the open source VTK, ITK and CMake systems, as well as supporting internal software development efforts. Additional server systems serve as compilation and testing farms.

A major computer hardware asset is Kitware's 16 CPU parallel cluster used for software development. This cluster consists of eight dual processor nodes that are configured to boot with either the Linux or Windows 2000 operating systems. Each node consists of 1 gigabyte RAM and a 64 MB GeForceII graphics card with total storage of 220 Gbytes. Nodes are connected via both Extreme Networks gigabit Ethernet switches and fast Ethernet switches.

Kitware is currently connected to the Internet using the equivalent of a T1 line (commercial cable modem). Internally Kitware runs a 100 MBit Ethernet and an 11 MBit encrypted wireless network. Additional equipment includes four high-speed laser and inkjet printers, CD replicators and printers, backup devices, and computer presentation systems.

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