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* [[kwGrid:Partners:Argonne National Lab|Argonne National Lab]] (Michael E. Papka et al.)
* [[kwGrid:Partners:Argonne National Lab|Argonne National Lab, Mathematics and Computer Science Division]]<br><small>The MCS division at Argonne operates a significant computing environment in support of a wide range of research and computational science. &#91;[[kwGrid:Partners:Argonne National Lab|more]]&#93;</small>
* [[kwGrid:Partners:Ohio State University|Ohio State University]] (Joel Saltz, Tony Pan et al.)
* [[kwGrid:Partners:Ohio State University|Ohio State University, Department of Biomedical Informatics]]<br><small>In collaboration with the Ohio Supercomputer Center, the department of Biomedical Informatics has developed a cluster configuration to support analysis, exploration and visualization of biomedical data from imaging, laboratory and simulation studies. &#91;[[kwGrid:Partners:Argonne National Lab|more]]&#93;</small>


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