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This page lists the main institutions that will be developing ITKv4, as well as their topics of focus.

GE Global Research

  • "Enhancing the Insight Toolkit for research, education, and clinical interoperability"
  • PI: James V. Miller (GE Global Research)
  • Keywords: SimpleITK, ITK Pipeline, GPU, itk::GPUImage, DICOM, DCMTK, DICOM Worklists and Structured Reporting

Kitware Inc

  • "The Insight Toolkit Version 4"
  • PI: Luis Ibanez (Kitware)
  • Keywords: Modularization, CMake, itk::Core, SimpleITK, GPGPU, Git

Harvard University

  • "Refactoring the ITK Level Set Framework to Enable the High Performance Demands of Imaging Based Systems Biology"
  • PI: Sean Megason (Harvard University)
  • Keywords: Segmentation, Level Set, LevelSetFunctionBase, Kd-Trees, GoFigure

University of Pennsylvania

  • "Refactoring the Registration Framework"
  • PI: James Gee (U. Penn)
  • Keywords: Linear Registration, Deformable Registration, GPU-based registration, Registration Parameters, Web-based Framework for Comparison

University of Iowa

  • "Refactoring the itk::fem Framework"
  • PI: Vincent A. Magnotta (University of Iowa)
  • Keywords: FEM, itk::Mesh

CoSMo Software Inc

  • "Refactoring ITK"
  • PI: Alex Gouaillard
  • Keywords: SimpleITK, WrapITK, DICOM, PACs, GDCM