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One of the strongest assets of Open Source is the collective intelligence of the users community. This program is intended to tap into this invaluable resource in order to reduce the number of bugs present in the toolkit.

Announcement in the ITK users list:

Adoption Paper Work

In order to adopt a bug you should do the following:

Forms to Fill

Fill up the following form with the username and password that you will like to use in the CVS repository.

Most of the fields in this form are self-explanatory.

However, in the fields:

  • Requested resource: write "ITK CVS Write Access"
  • Reference: write "Luis Ibanez (Adopt a bug program)"

This form will encrypt your user name and password and will send them to Kitware, where we will take care of creating your user account.

Procedures to Learn

You should to become familiar with the procedures on CVS access.

You will find these procedures described in the following Wiki pages:

Accounts to Create

You should also create accounts in the following ITK resources

You may already have accounts in some of them...

Your CDash account is probably the most important one at this point.

Please make sure that you "subscribe" to the Insight project and that you "claim" any machines from which you submit builds.

Make sure also that your user name matches your CVS account name and that your email is spelled out correctly so that CDash can send you email whenever there is an issue with a CVS commit.

Please let us know if you have any questions,

List of Bugs for Adoption

Bug number Description Adopted by Fixed
0000916 feature assigned (brad.davis) 2008-05-09 IOCommon duplicate code from SystemTools
0006494 major assigned (lantiga) 2008-05-08 CurvesLevelSetImageFilter is not tested properly
0006948 minor new 2008-05-02 Compilation error in itkImageToListGenerator.txx
0006933 minor new 2008-05-01 Remove Deprecated ComputeG() methods from KernelTransforms
0006932 minor assigned (luis.ibanez) 2008-05-01 Project name in CTestConfig.cmake should be "ITK" instead of "Insight"
0005759 minor resolved (brad.davis) 2008-04-30 feature request: use environment variable to limit number of parallel threads
0006617 feature resolved (aylward) 2008-04-30 Unable to Read/Write AcquisitionDate
0006716 major resolved (aylward) 2008-04-30 MetaImageIO cannot deal with files > 2GB
0004560 minor assigned (brad.davis) 2008-04-29 Wrong bounds checking in ImageIOBase / Bad error handling
0004571 major assigned (brad.davis) 2008-04-29 Thin-Plate-Spline kernel function is wrong
0005357 major assigned (brad.davis) 2008-04-29 PolygonSpatialObject cannot calculate area with 2D image
0005359 major assigned (brad.davis) 2008-04-29 PolygonSpatialObject ClosestPoint() returns incorrect value
0006258 major assigned (brad.davis) 2008-04-29 ImageSeriesFileReader MetaDataDictionary Array Incorrectly Handles Missing Fields
0003103 minor assigned (aylward) 2008-04-29 NormalizedCorrelationMetric does not check the m_ComputeGradient bool
0002723 minor assigned (gaetan.lehmann) 2008-04-29 MultiResolutionImageRegistrationMethod type dependent crashing
0002490 feature assigned (brad.davis) 2008-04-29 No mask support for itkMutualInformationHistogramImageToImage metric
0002161 major assigned (brad.davis) 2008-04-29 FFTDirectInverseTest fails on all platforms
0006840 crash new 2008-04-17 ImageFileReader::DoConvertBuffer/ConvertPixelBuffer segfaults if numberOfPixels > INT_MAX
0006724 major new 2008-04-14 ITK does not compile on mingw with BUILD_SHARED_LIBS set to ON
0006699 minor new 2008-04-01 ITK does not compile with GCC 4.3 arnaud gelas
0006677 minor assigned (Bill.Lorensen) 2008-03-28 CMakeList mistakes gcc for icc when compiler path has "icc" in it.
0006288 major assigned (brad.king) 2008-03-27 no constructor copy created for the simple types like itk::Index
0006181 minor assigned (luis.ibanez) 2008-03-25 missing assignment operator from vnl_matrix to itkMatrix
0004021 major confirmed (luis.ibanez) 2008-03-25 BSplineInterpolationWeightFunction computes startIndex incorrectly
0006638 minor new 2008-03-20 image origin is not modified in ExtractImageFilter when it should be
0006637 minor new 2008-03-20 when setting reader MetaDataDictionaryArray to writer, written DICOM series loose origin in Z direction
0006588 minor new 2008-03-11 cmTryCompileExec.exe has stopped working
0006563 crash new 2008-03-07 WrapITK corrupts python interpreter
0006558 major new 2008-03-07 Physical coordinates of a pixel - Severe inconsistency and bug in ImageBase
0005435 minor feedback (luis.ibanez) 2008-03-07 EigenAnalysis2DImageFilter: dynamic_cast error in GetMaxEigenVector
0006501 minor new 2008-03-04 endless loop in ConjugateGradientOptimizer
0006156 feature resolved (lucantiga) 2008-03-03 Level sets filters should be extended to anisotropic spacings. Right now, concept checking should be added.
0006442 major resolved (Bill.Lorensen) 2008-02-27 The GetNormalVariate() function of the MersenneTwister class mistakingly treats the input variance as the standard deviation.
0006453 major new 2008-02-27 VnlFFTRealToComplexConjugateImageFilter result is wrong Tom Vercauteren x
0006448 major new 2008-02-26 inconsistent transform API
0006408 minor assigned (luis.ibanez) 2008-02-22 MattesMutualInformation JointPDFDerivatives array takes too much memory
0006389 minor new 2008-02-20 ambiguous cost function in tests of LBFGS and LBFGSB optimizers
0006038 major assigned (andinet.enqu) 2008-02-16 ITKMINC2IO requires fixes to read certain files. Steven Robbins
0006309 minor resolved (lorensen) 2008-02-14 Inverse Transform doesn't not catch singular matrices
0006340 major assigned (jjomier) 2008-02-13 image orientation is not used in the spatial object (itkImageMaskSpatialObject)
0004559 feature feedback (luis.ibanez) 2008-02-09 array out of bounds in ImageSeriesReader
0004599 minor assigned (glehmann) 2008-02-08 WrapItk: Wrap itk::Mesh with MeshTraits' template arguments fully specified
0004625 major assigned (millerjv) 2008-02-08 UnaryFunctorImageFilter breaks MetaDataDictionary handling through the execution pipeline
0004682 major acknowledged (luis.ibanez) 2008-02-08 itk::SegmentationLevelSetImageFilter forces its ouptut type
0005198 major assigned (ntustison) 2008-02-04 itkSignedMaurerDistanceMapImageFilter accesses vector out of bounds!
0006296 minor resolved (luis.ibanez) 2008-02-03 subtract two filters
0005075 major resolved (luis.ibanez) 2008-02-01 Pipeline not updated with the change of input to VTKImageExportBase
0005081 major acknowledged (luis.ibanez) 2008-02-01 Derivative of ImageToImageMetrics in OrientedImage case
0006278 minor assigned (gaetan.lehmann) 2008-01-28 Release build of WrapITK doesn't SetInputs
0005283 feature assigned (luis.ibanez) 2008-01-24 Setting DICOM tag Photometric Interpretation to user defined value
0005333 minor resolved (andinet.enqu) 2008-01-24 Wrong citation for CurvatureNDAnisotropicDiffusionFunction
0005530 minor assigned (mcoursolle) 2008-01-23 Shadow declaration may cause warning in XCode project using ITK.
0005291 minor resolved (luis.ibanez) 2008-01-23 itk::Transform::GetInverse() doc wrong
0005306 major resolved (gaetan.lehmann) 2008-01-23 itkLightObject race condition on UnRegister
0005317 minor acknowledged (luis.ibanez) 2008-01-23 v3p headers not installed.
0005319 minor acknowledged (luis.ibanez) 2008-01-23 CentralDifferenceImageFunction and GaussianDerivativeImageFunction have different output types
0005335 major acknowledged (luis.ibanez) 2008-01-23 itk::CenteredTransformInitializer calculates wrong image center
0005356 minor acknowledged (luis.ibanez) 2008-01-23 PolygonSpatialObject lacks documentation
0005409 major resolved (luis.ibanez) 2008-01-23 strange semantics ImageLinearIteratorWithIndex
0006196 minor assigned (luis.ibanez) 2008-01-23 ITK has many 64 to 32 bit truncations, compiler warning can catch many of them
0005529 minor assigned (mcoursolle) 2008-01-23 ITK warnings in XCode about 64 bits to 32 bits conversion.
0005545 crash assigned (aylward) 2008-01-23 itkNeuralNetworkFileWriter crashes, problem actually in MetaIO
0005547 minor assigned (andinet.enqu) 2008-01-23 Compile error under MinGW GCC 4.2.1 of ITK 3.2.0 in Utilities/itkjpeg/8/jmorecfg.h
0005548 minor assigned (andinet.enqu) 2008-01-23 Compile error under MinGW GCC 4.2.1 of ITK 3.2.0 in Code/Numerics/itkLFGSBOptimizer.cxx
0005549 trivial feedback (luis.ibanez) 2008-01-23 Multithreading is forced to be disabled under MinGW GCC 4.2.1 of ITK 3.2.0 in Code/Common/MultiThreader.h
0005573 major feedback (luis.ibanez) 2008-01-23 Image::DirectionType should be Nx3 rather than NxN
0005647 minor assigned (luis.ibanez) 2008-01-23 ITK with shared libs on does not compile under MinGW
0005648 minor assigned (andinet.enqu) 2008-01-23 MultiResolutionImageRegistrationMethod doesn't allow the use of multi-resolution schedules
0005665 major assigned (andinet.enqu) 2008-01-23 Similarity3DTransform bug in SetMatrix () and ComputeMatrixParameters()
0005991 block feedback (luis.ibanez) 2008-01-23 DOS carriage returns ^M in - causes problem on OS X / unix
0005692 minor assigned (andinet.enqu) 2008-01-23 small problem with BSplineFloor
0005729 major assigned (luis.ibanez) 2008-01-23 ITK Insight compilation problem with VC++ 6
0006026 crash new 2008-01-23 Bus error in ITK ImageFileReader when upgrading from OSX 10.4 Tiger to OSX 10.5 Leopard
0005801 major resolved (luis.ibanez) 2008-01-23 ITKListSampleToHistogramGenerator creates incorrect type histogram
0005834 minor resolved (luis.ibanez) 2008-01-23 MetaImage only reads Direction Cosines from 3D images
0001918 feature assigned (luis.ibanez) 2008-01-23 FFT filter does not provide phase images
0005802 major resolved (luis.ibanez) 2008-01-23 itkHistogramProbabilityImageFilter is not a member of the itk::Statistics namespace
0005883 minor assigned (millerjv) 2008-01-23 vnl_matrix and vnl_vector problem with shared libs in MacOS
0006056 major assigned (luis.ibanez) 2008-01-23 InsightApplications: wrong spelling of fltk include files
0006205 minor new 2008-01-18 Bug in deformable model
0006254 major assigned (luis.ibanez) 2008-01-18 Install Configuration is not relocatable
0006224 minor new 2008-01-08 Installed cswig cannot find support library
0006216 minor resolved (mcoursolle) 2008-01-04 itkNarrowBandImageFilterBaseTest fails on some 64 bits systems.
0006188 minor assigned (brad.king) 2007-12-20 cableswig is confused by std::base_string and std::string
0006178 major assigned (brad.king) 2007-12-20 cableswig produce incorrect results with nested namespaces
0006177 major assigned (brad.king) 2007-12-18 new cableswig is not able to read typemaps properly because of an additional "u" after the numbers
0002963 minor assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-12-18 VectorIndexSelectionCastImageFilter is not checking for the index value to be valid
0002078 major feedback (karthik.krishnan) 2007-12-16 BSplineFloor in itkBSplineInterpolationWeightFunction.txx is incorrect
0002123 major assigned (turekm) 2007-12-10 TransformMeshFilter - infinite loop with certain mesh types
0006123 crash assigned (turekm) 2007-12-04 BSplineDeformableTransform causes a crash when asked for parameters if no parameters have been set or parameters points to null.
0006100 crash resolved (luis.ibanez) 2007-12-03 ITK builds incorrectly if it is built as a Universal Binary on Mac OS X
0006069 minor resolved (Bill.Lorensen) 2007-11-27 itk::Versor incompatible with float type
0006080 crash assigned (Bill.Lorensen) 2007-11-22 If an image region extends beyond the bounds of the image, iteration results in an infinite loop
0000738 major assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-11-15 Physical Point to Index : floor/ceil/round
0005761 minor resolved (Bill.Lorensen) 2007-11-04 itk::VariableSizeMatrix uses itkExceptionMacro looking for undefined GetNameOfClass method
0005996 feature assigned (Bill.Lorensen) 2007-11-02 LBFGS optimizer failure code
0005797 major resolved (Bill.Lorensen) 2007-10-27 ImageAdaptor has wrong direction
0002910 major resolved (david.cole) 2007-10-10 When built with Python wrappings, install fails on Windows XP
0002504 minor assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-09-24 SNAP 3-D view scapel tool
0002899 minor assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-09-23 default TOutputImage type invalid in tensor anisotropy filters
0002895 major assigned (andinet.enqu) 2007-09-23 PathToImageFilter not a good base class
0002869 major assigned (aylward) 2007-09-23 Build in Utilities/CableSwig/GCC/libiberty/ fails due to wrong config.h being included
0002831 feature assigned (Mathieu.Malaterre) 2007-09-22 LSM does not deal with 2 channels
0002769 major assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-09-22 Most Transforms SetParameters do not call Modified()
0002618 minor assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-09-22 Error on buffer deletion
0002388 minor assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-09-21 itk::ImageSeriesWriter uses RequestedRegion instead of LargestPossibleRegion
0002095 minor assigned (brad.king) 2007-09-21 update SWIG in cableswig
0001395 major assigned (aylward) 2007-09-21 itk::ConnectedRegionsMeshFilter::GetNumberOfExtractedRegions() is not implemented.
0000549 feature assigned (millerjv) 2007-09-19 file readers do not invoke progressevents
0000436 major assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-09-19 itkGibbsPriorFilter; itkRGBGibbsPriorFilter; redundancies with itkMRFFilters; + other related bugs
0000255 feature assigned (aylward) 2007-09-19 Add Masking capabilities to the ImageMetrics
0000235 major assigned (david.cole) 2007-09-19 remove ITK_EXPORT from template class declaration
0001872 major assigned (david.cole) 2007-09-19 PNGImageIO corrupts type of Exception type and breaks ImageFileWriterTest
0000228 minor assigned (aylward) 2007-09-19 ImageSliceIterator NexSlice() method doesn't work properly when not at the end of the slice
0002547 minor assigned (turekm) 2007-09-19 old school C++ type casting in itkLogImageFilter
0000216 feature assigned (millerjv) 2007-09-19 investigate how to do a JoinNImageFilter (resizable vectors)
0000213 feature assigned (millerjv) 2007-09-19 need median filter with higher order stats
0003223 feature assigned (Mathieu.Malaterre) 2007-09-19 Removing entries from MetaDataDictionary
0003205 feature assigned (aylward) 2007-09-19 Record the best value visited by an optimizer
0003201 minor assigned (Mathieu.Malaterre) 2007-09-19 GDCM CVS FIND_PACKAGE issues
0003004 minor new (lydia_l_ng) 2007-09-19 SetMRFNeighborhoodWeight method crashes!
0002983 major assigned (Mathieu.Malaterre) 2007-09-19 Reading time series (4D) image from DICOM series results 3D itkImage
0002712 major assigned (aylward) 2007-09-19 VectorInterpolateImageFunction and InterpolateImageFunction do not share a superclass
0002696 major assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-09-19 itk::ImportImageFilter::SetImportPointer(...LetFilterManageMemory) inconsistent behaviour
0002556 major assigned (millerjv) 2007-09-19 Bugs in HypersphereKernelMeanShiftModeSeeker
0002544 major assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-09-19 GraftNthOutput() assumes TOutputType
0002523 minor assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-09-19 GaussianDerivativeImageFunction coherence between evaluation at index and point
0002288 minor assigned (millerjv) 2007-09-19 EnlargeOutputRequestedRegion implementation issues
0002232 major assigned (Mathieu.Malaterre) 2007-09-19 gdcm lib gives segmentation fault when used in combination with shared libs (modules)
0002201 minor assigned (brad.king) 2007-09-19 Wrapping SpatialObject
0002164 major assigned (will.schroeder) 2007-09-19 MeshSource::GraftOutput only copies meta information
0002046 feature assigned (jjomier) 2007-09-19 Writing a SimplexMesh using SpatialObjectWriter
0001923 feature assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-09-19 Complex FFT support in ITK
0001853 major assigned (aylward) 2007-09-19 ScaleSkewVersor3DTransform is incorrect
0001770 minor assigned (andinet.enqu) 2007-09-19 Broken Doxygen
0001763 feature assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-09-19 Document differences of Mutual Information Implementations better in ITK
0001753 minor assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-09-19 dir returns non-string in python
0001620 major assigned (millerjv) 2007-09-18 incorrect rasterization in VoronoiSegmentationImageFilterBase
0001538 minor assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-09-18 itkIntTypes.h and 64 bits integer type
0001485 feature assigned (Bill.Lorensen) 2007-09-18 Need a standard deprecation mechansim
0001472 major assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2007-09-18 PCAShapeSignedDistanceFunction not thread safe
0001454 major assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2007-09-18 Potential Memory Leak in the ShapeDetectionLevelSet Filter
0001373 major assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-09-18 Watershed results are history dependent
0001309 feature assigned (karthik.krishnan) 2007-09-18 GrayScaleFillHoleImageFiler andr GrayScaleGrindPeakImageFilter examples needed
0001183 feature assigned (jjomier) 2007-09-18 Model based registration: optimizing model parameters
0001013 major assigned (Bill.Lorensen) 2007-09-18 ImageIO image orientations
0000898 feature assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-09-18 Add example of BuildCellLinks() method to the SoftwareGuide
0000822 feature assigned (millerjv) 2007-09-18 Do NeighborhoodIterators support ImageAdaptors?
0000575 minor assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-09-18 ImageFileWriter produces bad output file when the input is an ImageAdaptor
0005383 minor assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-09-16 ImageIO Classes do not fully support Streaming
0003311 minor assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2007-09-09 MetaIO write DICOM direction bug
0003327 feature assigned (tshead) 2007-08-05 gdcm does not handle RT objects
0005234 minor assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-07-02 Problem with Image deallocation under Java in WrapITK
0004499 minor assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-06-22 ITK_NO_SIZEOF_CONSTANT_LOOKUP should test for gcc version
0004530 major assigned (millerjv) 2007-06-22 itk::RecursiveMultiResolutionPyramidImageFilter only works on input number 0
0004547 major assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-06-22 Center computations wrong
0004548 major assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-06-22 Center computations wrong in Software Guide
0004657 major assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-06-22 Memory leak in SNAPLevelSetDriver
0004846 major assigned (millerjv) 2007-06-08 itkMersenneTwisterRandomVariateGenerator is not thread safe
0004892 feature assigned (millerjv) 2007-06-08 ImageFunction::IsInsideBuffer doesn't handle -1#IND
0004901 minor assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-06-08 WrapITK and CSwig Wrapper Incompatability
0004967 minor assigned (millerjv) 2007-06-08 itkGrayscaleMorphologicalClosingImageFilter always process whole image despite requestedRegion set
0004551 major assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-03-20 Registration fails for 1D images
0003264 major acknowledged (luis.ibanez) 2007-03-17 CenteredVersorTransformInitializer fails
0003963 minor acknowledged (luis.ibanez) 2007-02-25 In itkGradientDifferenceImageToImageMetric::Initialize(); Interpolator lose moving image pointer
0004494 minor assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2007-02-23 itkTclAppInit missing windows.h for ITK on cygwin
0004483 major assigned (Mathieu.Malaterre) 2007-02-22 Application of Modality LUT with itkGDCMReader on itkImage
0003309 minor assigned (Mathieu.Malaterre) 2007-02-21 GDCM SerieHelper::SplitOnOrientation or AddSeriesRestriction unreliable compare
0003783 major assigned (Mathieu.Malaterre) 2007-02-21 itkImageSeriesReader crashes on Mac OS X - Intel cpu only
0003972 major assigned (millerjv) 2007-02-15 DenseFiniteDifferenceImageFilter and internal "mini-pipeline" issues Tom Vercauteren x
0003973 major assigned (millerjv) 2007-02-15 Round-off errors in the FastSymmetricForcesDemonsRegistrationFunction
0003982 minor assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-02-15 Example out of date in Users' Guide
0003996 major assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-02-15 VectorResampleImageFilter has different API to ResampleImageFilter
0004002 major assigned (millerjv) 2007-02-15 multiresolution levelset registration bug
0004020 major assigned (millerjv) 2007-02-15 Element type of NRRD format tensor data not read
0004077 major assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2007-02-15 Missing try/catch during (resize) allocation
0004078 minor assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-02-15 doxygen: missplaced brief documentation
0004228 minor assigned (millerjv) 2007-02-15 Wrong itkTypeMacro in class MRIBiasEnergyFunction
0004246 major assigned (cates) 2007-02-15 VC8 Debug Assertion "Expression: vector iterators incompatible"
0004300 major resolved (lydia_l_ng) 2007-02-15 NrrdIO does not transform measurement frame when transforming image frame
0004434 minor assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2007-02-09 itkTransformFileWriter/Reader do not write/read complete itkBSplineDeformableTransform
0004336 major assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-02-02 itkPeriodicBoundaryCondition segfaults
0004343 minor assigned (jjomier) 2007-01-21 TIFF Image IO cannot read strips
0004301 minor assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-01-10 DiffusionTensor3DReconstructionFilter
0004277 minor assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-01-04 Warning in Windows64 VS8
0003769 minor assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2006-10-24 itkRecursiveGaussianImageFilter produces negative outputs on positive valued image
0003900 feature assigned (luis.ibanez) 2006-10-09 MutualInformation metric add SetNumberOfSamples as a percent
0003837 feature assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2006-10-03 ITK Mutual Information Metric. (MI evaluation)
0003828 major assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2006-09-30 ITK throws _CrtIsValidHeapPointer in managed C++ 2005
0003813 major assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2006-09-26 ImageRegistration2D Aplication Error in Computing Registered Image
0003785 feature assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2006-09-20 gdcm should only read dictionaries below Insight directory
0003678 major assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2006-08-31 bug @ fftw fft wrapper
0003677 major assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2006-08-31 bug @ vnl fft wrapper Tom Vercauteren X
0003667 major assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2006-08-28 VXL will not compile with new Xcode tools on Intel Macs
0003660 major assigned (luis.ibanez) 2006-08-25 inconsistent converting continuous index to index
0003594 minor assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2006-08-23 Compiling with Visual C++ Express Edition fails
0003625 feature assigned (brad.king) 2006-08-23 OS X: ITK libs should be installed with appropriate install_name
0003611 major assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2006-08-15 cast are missing
0003610 major assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2006-08-15 casting problem (run-time vs. compile-time)
0003606 minor assigned (luis.ibanez) 2006-08-14 RegularStepGradientDescentOptimizer reports current position out of sync in iteration event
0003605 major assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2006-08-14 Writers should warn when using poor fileformats for anisotropic images
0003590 major assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2006-08-09 Release Data in itkMultiResolutionPDEDeforableRegistration
0003585 major assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2006-08-04 itkActiveShapeModelCalculator input data spacing
0003575 major assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2006-08-02 Problem casued by itkImageIOBase.cxx change
0003561 major assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2006-07-31 CenteredVersorTransformInitializer does not use angle properly
0003559 minor assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2006-07-31 Missing Doxygen documentation for CurvatureRegistrationFilter
0003549 major assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2006-07-25 metaOutput.cxx causes compilation failure under some configuration
0003548 feature assigned (brad.king) 2006-07-25 VNL Thread Safety
0003546 major assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2006-07-25 gipl incompatibilities on pc, intel and powerpc mac
0003542 major assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2006-07-21 loadable ITK I/O factories don't work on new Intel Macs
0003524 major assigned (luis.ibanez) 2006-07-18 itkGDCMSeriesFilenames must be modified on Windows for a successful WrapITK build
0003503 minor assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2006-07-12 English grammar mistake in Doxygen documentation
0003502 minor assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2006-07-12 Example program in Software Guide is broken
0003422 feature assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2006-06-20 CannySegmentationLevelSetImageFilter setThreshold
0003420 major assigned (luis.ibanez) 2006-06-19 ImageToListAdaptor doesn't work with VectorImage
0003419 minor assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2006-06-19 Wrong exception display comments
0003265 major assigned (luis.ibanez) 2006-06-08 ScaleSkewVersorTransform fails
0003360 feature assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2006-06-08 ITK should support NRRD format 0005
0003359 feature assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2006-06-08 GetInverse() API ignores type of transforms
0003355 major assigned (karthik.krishnan) 2006-06-08 VC8 issues
0003317 major assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2006-06-02 DEBUG ERROR vector subscript out of range
0003302 major assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2006-05-31 Compilation error with gcc version 4.1.1 20060525 (Red Hat 4.1.1-1)
0003295 minor assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2006-05-26 Incorrect class documentation for itk::ContourDirectedMeanDistanceImageFilter and itk::ContourDirec
0003263 major acknowledged (lydia_l_ng) 2006-05-23 DiffusionTensor3DReconstructionImageFilter ignores measurement frame
0003268 minor acknowledged (luis.ibanez) 2006-05-23 SetMatrix() and SetOffset() methods in itk::VersorTransform are public API's but cannot be used
0003249 feature resolved (brad.king) 2006-05-23 add VERSION & SOVERSION for shared objects
0003145 feature assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2006-04-19 Pluggable finite difference solvers
0002973 minor assigned (Mathieu.Malaterre) 2006-03-17 Need name mangling for openjpeg
0002833 minor assigned (Mathieu.Malaterre) 2006-02-04 gdcm and setting CMAKE_INSTALL_PATH
0000755 major assigned (millerjv) 2005-08-09 DanielssonDistance filter produces spurious ones
0001344 minor assigned (andinet.enqu) 2005-08-09 Doxygen comments missing/misplaced in generated documentation
0001555 minor assigned (andy.cedilnik) 2005-08-05 Doxygen documentation broken for itkAbsoluteDifferenceImageFilter
0001598 major acknowledged (jjomier) 2005-02-25 Ellipse Rotation
0006719 feature assigned (tom.vercauteren) 2008-05-06 Performance issues in itk::LightObject::Register and itk::LightObject::Unregister Tom Vercauteren x
0006599 feature assigned (tom.vercauteren) 2008-05-06 Performance of ModifiedTime increments Tom Vercauteren x
0006887 major resolved (luis.ibanez) 2008-04-30 SingleValuedVnlCostFunctionAdaptor does not honnor scales in gradient computation Tom Vercauteren x
0004827 major resolved (aylward) 2008-04-30 Line search routine fails in itkPowellOptimizer.cxx Tom Vercauteren x
0005342 major acknowledged (wijnhout) 2008-05-05 itk::Exhaustive optimizer reports incorrectly Jeroen Wijnhout
0006713 crash new 2008-04-03 NiftiImageIO::SetNIfTIOrientationFromImageIO(int origdims, int dims) is not prepared for 2 dimensions Don Bigler
0006311 minor new 2008-02-09 Data type unsupported by Analyze 7.5 improperly handled by NiftiImageIO and AnalyzeImageIO Don Bigler
0006305 feature assigned (Bill.Lorensen) 2008-02-06 Make AnalyzeImageIO an empty subclass of NiftiImageIO Don Bigler
0006301 minor confirmed (Bill.Lorensen) 2008-02-04 Segmentation fault reading an Analyze file with RGBPixelType Don Bigler
0006283 major new 2008-01-28 itk::AnalyzeImageIO writes header with incorrect size Don Bigler
0005454 minor assigned (luis.ibanez) 2008-01-23 Support Philips PAR/REC image files in ITK Don Bigler
0003203 minor assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-09-24 No dimension use in IOitkAnalyzeImageIO.cxx Don Bigler
0004137 major assigned (millerjv) 2007-02-15 Segmentation fault in itkAnalyzeImageIO when 2D image is read Don Bigler
0004138 major assigned (millerjv) 2007-02-15 itkAnalyzeImageIO does not set third direction for 2D image. Don Bigler
0003814 major assigned (lydia_l_ng) 2006-09-26 Analyse Format I/O Don Bigler
0006562 major new 2008-03-07 VTKIO can write but not read the written volumes Wilbur C. K. Wong
0005371 major assigned (andinet.enqu) 2008-01-23 Iterating over PolyLineParametricPath (generated by ContourExtractor2DImageFilter) throws exception Wilbur C. K. Wong
0003101 major assigned (jjomier) 2007-09-19 itkGaussianBlurImageFunction doesnt't evaluate at point correctly Wilbur C. K. Wong
0001033 major assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-09-18 Memory Leaks in the SimplexMesh class Wilbur C. K. Wong
0003946 major assigned (luis.ibanez) 2007-05-04 ImageRegion::IsInside( index and continiousIndex) wrong behavior when region size larger than a long Wilbur C. K. Wong
0004207 major assigned (millerjv) 2007-02-15 FlipImageFilter computes output origin incorrectly Wilbur C. K. Wong
0004125 major assigned (karthik.krishnan) 2006-12-03 itkRawImageIO may not write image for datatype as UCHAR Wilbur C. K. Wong
0004644 minor assigned (marius.staring) 2007-06-22 interpolate image function default template arguments Marius Staring x
0003998 major assigned (mstaring) 2006-10-30 MattesMutualInformation and full sampling bug Marius Staring x

Bug Adopters

  • Casey Goodlett, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Jeroen Wijnhout, Leiden University Medical Center
  • Arnaud Gelas, Harvard University
  • Wilbur C. K. Wong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Marius Staring, Leiden University Medical Center
  • Tom Vercauteren, Mauna Kea Technologies
  • Don Bigler, Penn State Hershey Medical Center
  • Frank Miller, Johns Hopkins University
  • Wanlin Zhu, University of New South Wales
  • Niels Dekker, Leiden University Medical Center