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The source distribution for ITK can be obtained in two ways:

  1. Official release tarballs
  2. Snapshot from CVS

1. Official Releases

Core Library

There have been five official releases of ITK since its inception. The latest official release is 2.0.1 from March 2005. It contains several important fixes since 2.0.0:

The previous official release was v2.0, which was released in February 2005. This can be obtained from:

Older releases are archived at and at SourceForge

Sample Applications

A series of example applications for ITK are available. See ITK Insight Applications for full details. The source is available for download:

(Note: the contents of the archives above are identical; only the archiving and compression is changed to best suit different platforms.)

Linux Package Distributions


ITK 2.0.1 Has been packaged for Mandrake Linux by Gaetan Lehmann (Thanks to Gaetan for doing this).

Here are instructions from his email

If you use mandrake cooker or mandrake 10.2 and above,

 "urpmi  libitk-devel", 
 "urpmi python-itk" 
  or "urpmi itk-doc" 

(for example) should install packages you need to use itk.

If you use an earlier release, you can download source rpm from your favorite mirror and rebuild the package with

 "rpmbuild --rebuild  itk-*-src.rpm". 


for more information on macro needed for backport.


Fabrice bellet updated some rpm for:


(thanks to Brad King for updating gccxml to support gcc 3.4).

You can find there binaries for :

     cableswig-0.1.0-0.20050402.src.rpm             02-Apr-2005 00:54   11M
     cableswig-0.1.0-0.20050402.i386.rpm            02-Apr-2005 00:54  2.7M
     cableswig-debuginfo-0.1.0-0.20050402.i386.rpm  02-Apr-2005 00:54  8.4M
     itk-2.0.1-2.src.rpm                            02-Apr-2005 21:22   14M
     itk-2.0.1-2.i386.rpm                           02-Apr-2005 21:23  3.4M
     itk-examples-2.0.1-2.i386.rpm                  02-Apr-2005 21:23  7.5M
     itk-devel-2.0.1-2.i386.rpm                     02-Apr-2005 21:23  2.4M
     itk-tcl-2.0.1-2.i386.rpm                       02-Apr-2005 21:25   14M
     itk-python-2.0.1-2.i386.rpm                    02-Apr-2005 21:26   16M
     itk-java-2.0.1-2.i386.rpm                      02-Apr-2005 21:27   19M
     itk-testing-progs-2.0.1-2.i386.rpm             02-Apr-2005 21:29   40M
     itk-debuginfo-2.0.1-2.i386.rpm                 02-Apr-2005 21:49  318M


Debian packages for Version 2.2 ITK are available. The full source packages can be obtained from:

where there are instructions on how to install and build them. The source package is called insighttoolkit.

Note that source packages only are available from this site, due to bandwidth considerations. The packages are soon to appear in Debian main (thanks to Andreas Tille) and will then be available as binary packages for all supported platforms.

These packages are maintained by Gavin Baker, and further information on the packages can be found at

2. CVS Snapshots

Since many bug fixes and improvements are invariably applied to the source since an official release, it is often worthwhile getting a source snapshot from CVS. However, before doing so you should always consult the NightlyDashboard to see the latest nightly build status for all platforms. Find a build matching your platform, and ensure that it is all green. If not, some unit tests may have failed and you may need to go back a day or so to find a build that has passed green.

The very first time you access the ITK CVS repository, you must log in:

cvs -d login

When prompted for a password, simply press Enter (it is empty).

To check out ITK itself:

cvs -d co Insight

To check out the Insight documentation (warning: this is huge):

cvs -d co InsightDocuments

Numerous sample applcations, some simple and some quite sophisticated, are available from InsightApplications:

cvs -d co InsightApplications

Here are the known release tags (use with cvs -r):

  • `ITK-2-0-1` for release 2.0 branch, patch 1.
  • `ITK-2-0` for release 2.0 branch.
  • `ITK-1-8-1` for release 1.8 branch patch 1.
  • `ITK-1-8` for release 1.8 branch.
  • `ITK-1-6` for release 1.6 branch.
  • `ITK-1-4` for release 1.4 branch.
  • `Release-1-2` for release 1.2 branch.
  • `Release-1-0` for release 1.0 branch.
  • `Release-0_7` for beta release 0.7 branch

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