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The source distribution for ITK can be obtained in two ways:

  1. Official release tarballs
  2. Git SCM checkout.

1. Official Releases

Source code

Note that the software must be compiled from source using CMake and your favorite C++ compiler. The toolkit can be installed, but it is not necessary -- it can be used directly from its build directory.

Linux Package Distributions (Currently ITK3 only!)


 sudo apt-get install libinsighttoolkit3-dev


 sudo apt-get install libinsighttoolkit3-dev

This will give you the libraries and development headers. Packaging for ITKv4 is underway.

2. Git


  git clone git://

Latest Stable Release

  git clone -b release git:// ITKLatestRelease

Previous Releases

You can get specific releases by using the tags, for example:

  git  clone -b v4.0.0   git://   ITK-4.0.0

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