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= Alternatives =
= Alternatives =
* Replace f2c reference BLAS with the CBLAS, the C interface to BLAS linking against an externally supplied BLAS.
* Replace f2c LAPACK with LAPACKE, the C interface to LAPACK linking against an externally supplied LAPACK.

= Tcons =
= Tcons =

* [[ITK_Release_4/Refactor Numerical Libraries/Tcon_2011_08_24|2011 08 24]]
* [[ITK_Release_4/Refactor Numerical Libraries/Tcon_2011_08_24|2011 08 24]]

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ITK largely relies on third party libraries to provide support for numerical computations such as linear solvers, eigen analysis and non-linear optimization. These libraries have been integrated over the years of the project, based on content from other libraries, immediate needs and requirements of particular projects.


  • The purpose of this project is to revise the numerical libraries currently used in ITK, and to determine whether they are the best (or a good enough) option to use, and whether they are being used properly in the toolkit.
    • When appropriate, some of these libraries will be replaced with better options.
    • When possible, the code will be restructured to make possible for users to pick other options of third party libraries that may provide better support for their particular applications.


  • First, we proceed to make an inventory of the numerical libraries currently used in ITK. This will serve as basis for the analysis of whether there are better options to use, and/or whether they are being used correctly.

Inventory of Numerical Libraries