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ITKv4: The Next Generation


The Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit (ITK) has been the leading software resource used in the field of medical image analysis for more than ten years now. In order to cope with the continuously changing demands of this field, the US National Library of Medicine has invested in 2010-2011 close to five million dollars in revising, improving, simplifying and accelerating the toolkit, and improving its DICOM support. A team more than 50 developers from ten different institutions have collaborated in this demanding project. The outcome of this effort is ITKv4, and will be released shortly before the MICCAI conference.


The purpose of this half-day tutorial is to introduce attendees to the new capabilities and features of this fresh version of ITK, and to provide guidance on how they can migrate their own applications to start taking advantage of the many improvements now available in ITKv4.


  • Luis Ibanez, Ph.D., Technical Leader, Kitware Inc.

Target Audience

  • Existing users of ITK who want to be familiarized with the new changes in ITKv4.

Relevance to MICCAI

The large community of ITK users will be interested in learning about the new features in ITKv4 that include:

     Support for GPU computation
       Improved image registration framework
       Improved level set framework
       Improved DICOM support
       Modularization of the toolkit

Target Audience

  • Existing users of ITK who want to know what is new in ITKv4


  • What is new in ITKv4 ?
    • Registration framework
    • Level Sets framework
    • GPU support
    • FEM framework
    • Improved DICOM support
    • Modularization
  • How to migrate
    • Hands on exercises on migration


  • Virtual machines will be distributed to the audience
    • ITKv4 programming environment in an Ubuntu installation.