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This page documents how to setup ITK developer accounts. See our table of contents for more information.

Note: Google is currently dropping support for OpenID authentification through Google accounts.
While currently registered Gerrit users can still use their account, new Gerrit account
registrations with Google currently face the error: 
  400. That's an error. OpenID auth request contains an unregistered domain.


We are currently upgrading the Gerrit infrastructure, and GitHub authentifications will soon
be possible. Until that time, it is suggested that new Gerrit accounts made with a Yahoo account.  


Anyone may request access to the ITK Gerrit Code Review site to propose and review changes. Follow these steps to set up access:

  1. Get an OpenID
  2. Register at using your OpenID (link in upper right)
  3. Sign in
  4. Set all fields in your profile at
  5. Add your ssh public key at,ssh-keys

Firewall blocks SSH traffic

If you are stuck behind a firewall that blocks SSH traffic (port 22), the following alternative URL may be used to push patches over HTTP (port 80):

  1. For Gerrit user bob: $ git config --global url.
  2. Generate a password at
  3. A password prompt will be presented when pushing patches to Gerrit.

This requires Git 1.6.6 or newer.


Authorized community members may merge patches to the repositories, but most community members do not need merge permissions. All patches from all community members go through Gerrit Code Review, and patches will be merged by one of the maintainers after it has been reviewed.

Follow these steps to set up access:

  1. Submit your ssh public key to the Kitware Password form
  2. Perform an authentication test:
    $ ssh info