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ITK version tracking and development is hosted by Git. Please select a task for further instructions:

Main Tasks:

  • Install Git - Git 1.6.6 or greater is preferred (required for development)

Other Tasks:

The remainder of this page provides reference information and links. It is not intended to provide instructions.


One may browse the repositories online using the Gitweb interface at

Repository Purpose Access URL
ITK.git Insight Toolkit clone (git) git://
clone (http)
push (ssh)
stage/ITK.git ITK Topic Stage clone (git) git://
clone (http)
push (ssh)
ITKApps.git Insight Applications clone (git) git://
clone (http)
push (ssh)
ITKData.git ITK Testing/Data Submodule clone (git) git://
clone (http)
push (ssh)


At the time of this writing the ITK.git repository has the following branches:

  • master: Development (default)
  • release: Maintenance of latest release
  • nightly-master: Follows master, updated at 01:00 UTC
  • hooks: Local commit hooks (place in .git/hooks)
  • dashboard: Dashboard script (setup a CDash client)

Release branches converted from CVS have been artificially merged into master. Actual releases have tags named by the release version number.