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CTest currently supports three different running submission modes: Experimental, Nightly, and Continuous.


  • By default no update happens. If update is explicitly issued using -D ExperimentalUpdate then it updates to the latest version in the repository
  • Experimental is typically used for:
    • Testing if the changes were succesfull
    • New dashboards that are not yet tested if everything works fine
    • Trying new features without poluting the Nightly section


  • CTest will update to the latest nightly start time specified in DartConfiguration.tcl as NightlyStartTime. Assuming the nightly start time is 9pm EST and currently it is before 9pm EST, anything between 9pm EST yesterday and 9pm EST today will be updated to 9pm yesterday. This way all nightly submissions are updated to the same version of repository.


  • Repository is updated to the latest version and if there are no updates, the processing will stop. If there are any changes, that the processing is similar to Nightly or Experimental.

Here are some variables you may find useful:

# should ctest wipe the binary tree before running

# specify how long to run the continuous in minutes

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