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The Platforms / Compilers Table

Platform System Info Compilers Macros List Dependencies Trace Syscal/Signal Runtime Library Path
Linux uname -a gcc, g++, icc __linux ldd program strace LD_LIBRARY_PATH
HP-UX uname -a cc, aCC __hpux chatr program SHLIB_PATH (32), LD_LIBRARY_PATH (64)
AIX uname -a xlc, xlC _AIX dump -H program LIBPATH
SunOS uname -a cc, CC __sparc ldd program LD_LIBRARY_PATH (32), LD_LIBRARY_PATH_64 (64)
IRIX hinv, uname -a cc, CC __sgi ldd program LD_LIBRARY_PATH (o32), LD_LIBRARYN32_PATH (n32), LD_LIBRARY64_PATH (64)
Max OSX / Darwin system_profiler, uname -a gcc, g++ __APPLE__ otool -L program ktrace -f outfile program; kdump outfile DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH
Cygwin uname -a gcc, g++ __CYGWIN__, _WIN32 depends program.exe PATH
Windows ver Visual Studio 6, cl _WIN32 depends program.exe PATH
Visual Studio 7, cl depends program.exe
Visual Studio 7.1, cl depends program.exe

Architecture Modes

Compiler Command Languages Architecture Flags Macros
g++ C++
SGI MIPSpro cc C -o32, -n32, -64 _COMPILER_VERSION, _MIPS_SIM==_ABIO32 (o32), _MIPS_SIM==_ABIN32 (n32), _MIPS_SIM==_ABI64 (64)
CC C++
SunPro cc C -xarch=... __SUNPRO_C #include <sys/isa_defs.h>: _ILP32 (32), _LP64 (64)
HP cc C +DD64 __LP64__ (64)
aCC C++ __HP_aCC
IBM VisualAge xlc C -q32, -q64 __IBMC__
xlC C++ __IBMCPP__

Compiler Options and Flags

Compiler Full warnings Warnings as Errors Disabling a particular warning (#n)
gcc -W -Wall -Werror
MIPS Pro -fullwarn -w2
icc -Wall -w2 -Wcheck -Werror -wd(#n)
bcc32 -g1 -w-(#n)
xlC -qflag=w:w or -qlanglv=ansi
cl /W4 /WX /Wd(#n)
aCC +w +We +Warg1[,arg2,..argn]
  • More platform specific information can be found in ROSETTA STONE platforms table (Mostly for system administrators)

Debugging Tips

The gdbrun Script for UNIX-like Platforms

The following is an extremely useful script that will run any command line in a gdb debugger. Put this text in an executable file called "gdbrun":


if [ "$1" == "--break-main" ]; then
  extra_text="break main"



for a in "$@"; do
  run_text="${run_text} \"$a\""

cat > ${TMPFILE} <<EOF

gdb -x ${TMPFILE} "${EXEC}"
rm -f "${TMPFILE}"

Then one may debug a test like this:

gdbrun /path/to/myexe --some-arg --some-other-arg

Notes about this script:

  • It supports spaces in argument names (note the for loop)
  • Takes extra argument --break-main, which causes the program to stop once all the libraries are loaded
  • It always run debugger, even when program exits normally
  • Cannot be used with MPI or any other system that runs your program from a shell script

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