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Compiling LaTeX files into readable documents is actually a very involved process.  Although CMake comes with FindLATEX.cmake, it does nothing for you other than find the commands associated with LaTeX.  I like using CMake to build my LaTeX documents, but creating targets to do it is actually a pain.  Thus, I've compiled a bunch of macros that help me create targets in CMake into a file I call "[[Media:UseLATEX.cmake|UseLATEX.cmake]]".  Here are some of the things UseLATEX.cmake handles:
* Runs LaTeX multiple times to resolve links.
* Can run bibtex, makeindex, and makeglossaries to make bibliographies, indexes, and/or glossaries.
* Optionally runs configure on your latex files to replace <tt>@''VARIABLE''@</tt> with the equivalent CMake variable.
* Automatically finds png, jpeg, eps, and pdf files and converts them to formats latex and pdflatex understand.
* Click here to get a copy of [[Media:UseLATEX.cmake|UseLATEX.cmake]].
* Click here to get the documentation [[Media:UseLATEX.pdf|UseLATEX.pdf]].
== Repository ==
UseLATEX.cmake is currently hosted on github at https://github.com/kmorel/UseLATEX.
There has been some requests to incorporate UseLATEX.cmake into the CMake repository and distribution. Nobody thinks this is a bad idea, but it hasn't yet happened mostly out of laziness. Keep bugging me to show interest in moving UseLATEX.cmake. (See the author contact information at the top of [[Media:UseLATEX.cmake|UseLATEX.cmake]].)

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