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This is a list of Module maintainer volunteers.

  • This mail describes the procedure how to become maintainer, and how to modify or add modules: Call for maintainers
  • Maintainers should follow the guide lines for module files documented here: readme

In addition backwards compatibility for all existing variables in the current set of modules must be maintained strictly.

  • FindBoost.cmake - Andreas Schneider, mail at cynapses dot org
  • FindwxWidgets.cmake, FindLATEX, FindImageMagick - Miguel A. Figueroa Villanueva, miguelf at ieee dot org
  • Ada - Alan W. Irwin, irwin at beluga dot phys dot uvic dot ca
  • FindSWIG, UseSWIG, FindSubversion - Tristan Carel, tristan dot carel at gmail dot com
  • FindBLAS, FindLAPACK - Alin M Elena, alinm dot elena at gmail dot com (
  • D support - Tim Burrell (tim dot burrell at gmail dot com) (
  • FindFreeType.cmake, FindGDAL.cmake, FindGIFLIB.cmake, FindLua50.cmake, FindLua51.cmake, FindOpenAL.cmake, FindOpenThreads.cmake, FindPhysFS.cmake. FindProducer.cmake, FindQuickTime.cmake. FindSDL.cmake, FindSDL_image.cmake, FindSDL_mixer.cmake. FindSDL_net.cmake, FindSDL_sound.cmake, FindSDL_ttf.cmake, Findosg.cmake, FindosgDB.cmake, FindosgFX.cmake, FindosgGA.cmake, FindosgIntrospection.cmake, FindosgManipulator.cmake, FindosgParticle.cmake, FindosgProducer.cmake, FindosgShadow.cmake, FindosgSim.cmake, FindosgTerrain.cmake, FindosgText.cmake, FindosgUtil.cmake, FindosgViewer.cmake (Eric Wing ; in the commercial domain at gmail, ewing . public)
  • FindMPI - Douglas Gregor (doug.gregor at gmail dot com)
  • FindMagick, FindCxxTest - Philip Lowman, philip at yhbt dot com
  • FindCoin3D - Matt Leotta, matt.leotta at gmail dot com
  • FindQt4 - Clinton Stimpson clinton at elemtech dot com