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* [ CMake User Review]
* [ CMake User Review]
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  • CadColon is a Computer Aided Detection (CAD) system designed to support radiologist's diagnosis of suspect polyps in the colon and rectum, using high and low dose CT.

"I started to develop on a project on Linux OS in C++ language on 3 January 2005, and I had never written from scratch any files, nor used autoconf tools seriously before. So since one of my task was to create the building process for the whole project, I had 2 choices: learn and use autoconf, or search in Internet for an alternative. The one day research ended up in, which is an easy but very powerful tool, which allowed me to achieve all I wanted to do (debug/release/profile compilations, compilation based on the developer name, easily maintainable and customizable compilation of many shared/static libraries and applications), and which has a very fast learning curve, exactly what a projet need to achieve its aim in short time."

- Luca Cappa



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