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This page explains how to upgrade CDash. CDash upgrade mechanism allows users to upgrade CDash at any point in time, even if they are using the current SVN development of CDash.

Upgrading CDash

  1. It is recommended that you backup the CDash database.
  2. Backup your configuration file: CDash/config.php
  3. Replace your current CDash directory
  4. Restore the configuration parameters: the config.php file may change from one revision to the other, make sure you are not replacing the config.php file but are actually replacing the parameters inside the file.
  5. Login to CDash as administrator
  6. In the ‘Administration’ section, click on ‘[Backward Compatibility Tools]’
  7. Click on ‘Upgrade CDash’: This process might take some time, do not close your browser.

Change logs

CDash 1.0

Bug fixed

  • 0006384 Detecting timing defects
  • 0006371 Having the number of nightly changes on the main page
  • 0006497 Method to mark compile warnings, compile errors, and test failures with "fix in progress" or "fixed"
  • 0006508 Test Results information is incomplete for itk
  • 0006894 Wrong number of dynamic analysis defects
  • 0006878 Support for timestamp CTest 2.6
  • 0006612 Bad BuildTimeGraph on buildSummary page for continuous build
  • 0006843 Support of different cvs/svn/web viewers
  • 0006582 CVS Link to a version 1.1 file is invalid
  • 0006664 Incorrect timing and detail report on viewTest page
  • 0006832 Previous Build Incorrect
  • 0006807 RSS feed with private project
  • 0006797 Previous build on build summary page
  • 0006805 Warning when backup and rss directory are not writable
  • 0006798 Warning message when browsing coverage
  • 0006772 Warnings when searching for emails on manageProjectRoles page
  • 0006472 Add ability to remove bogus builds
  • 0006601 Project administrator cannot remove an expected build if it is not submitting
  • 0006471 Add a quick way to upload a cvs/svn user to password file for email notification
  • 0006715 PROJECT pulldown under DASHBOARD pulldown
  • 0006602 Sort by any column on the viewTest and testSummary pages
  • 0006681 Fisheye URL support
  • 0006653 Mouse-over build groups
  • 0006655 Project logo hyperlink
  • 0006942: Show Test Time Graph does not toggle in Internet Explorer
  • 0006939: Separate lists of failing tests from list of passing tests

Database modification

  • Added ‘description’ to table buildgroup
  • Added cvsviewertype to table project
  • Added index siteid in table site2user
  • Added index starttime in table build
  • Added index name in table test (this might take some time to run)
  • Added crc32 with index in table coveragefile
  • Compressing coverage (this might take some time to run)
  • Add support for timestatus in build2test table