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Documentation for Developers.

Add new command to BatchMake

  • Add a new class (bmScriptNewCommnadAction.h, and bmScriptNewCommandAction.cxx)
  • Don't forget to add it to the CMakeLists
  • In the header file bmScriptActionManager.h :
    • Include the header of your class
#include "bmScriptNewCommandAction.h"
    • In the GetKeywordList() function, add a new keyword :
BM_NEWKEYWORD(_list, NewCommand);
    • In the CreateAction(MString option) function, add a new action :
BM_NEWACTION(option, NewCommand);

You can choose to put theses two last things in BM_GRID, or BM_DASHBOARD, if it is a new command for the grid, or the dashboard.

  • If your new command requires to rester some variables, you have to do it in the Reset() function.