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* Updating to GDCM 2.0 : DONE !
* Updating to GDCM 2.0 : DONE !
* Release date for ITKv4-A02 ?
* Release date for ITKv4-A02 ?
== Simple ITK ==
* ARB Formed
** Tcon on Wednesday
* Design Discussions
* Sandbox in Github
* [[ITK_Release_4/SimpleITK|Simple ITK Layer]]
* Wrapping for C#
* Adding more filters

== Uncrustify Code Cleanup (Hans) ==
== Uncrustify Code Cleanup (Hans) ==

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How to Join the Tcon

Number to Call

  • 1-800-728-9607 (in the US) or
  • +1 9139049873 (international)
  • access code 6815251


  • Will try out a new service...

Project Management

  • Date of next meeting:
    • November 2010
    • PI's to send conflict dates to Terry
    • Location: Iowa

Regular Contacts with A2D2

  • Status of A2D2 interactions?

Technical Topics


  • Remaining failing tests may not be trivial to fix
    • openjpeg related
  • Suggestion: Tag now: ITKv-A02..


Image Registration Revision

  • Luis missed to schedule the Weekly conference: Bad Luis.
  • Next week is MICCAI...
    • Maybe resume on September 28th ? 10am EST ?
  • Past tcon:

Registration Topic Page

Related Discussions


Simple ITK


Dan and Mathieu to report

Uncrustify Code Cleanup (Hans)

Please review the branch: http://github.com/hjmjohnson/ITK/tree/uncrustify_cleanup. It contains the uncrustified version of the code.

  • Add uncrustify and KWStyle to git hooks?

itkStaticConstMacro (Hans)

I'd like to discuss creating a new macro called "itkEnumerationMacro" that will remove nearly all instances of itkStaticConstMacro in the code.

  • Reference materials: http://public.kitware.com/Bug/view.php?id=11158
  • In version 3.20 and earlier, this always defaulted to the enumerated type version of the itkStaticConstMacro.
  • The enumeration option for "template defined integer values" makes coding a lot easier
  • The "static const unsigned int" option requires definitions of those variables "outside" the class definition if they are to be used across compliation units (i.e. with explicit instantiation).

Gerrit is ON


Testing Data in MIDAS

Data on MIDAS



Allows to download data on-the-fly, at run-time while running the testing. Data is cached (only downloaded once or when updated).

Sequestered Reference Applications

We have already made significant changes, and they are not being recorded yet. It is time to setup these reference applications.


  • Plans for wrapping
  • Tools
    • Pros and Cons
  • Wrapping
  • update from brad on wrapitk test (new swig usage that addresses existing concerns)?

ITK Readers for Microscopy formats

  • There's a need for readers in the microscopy community in order to be able to use ITK
    • Zeiss (LSM and ZVI)
    • Leica (LIF)
    • Olympus (OIB)
    • Nikon ()
  • BioFormats has readers and example files for these. It is Java with C++ bindings for ITK, BUT it's GPL.

Software Process

Migration to Git

  • Migration Completed
  • Updating Dashboard Machines to Git
  • Contractors to send information to Kitware about the developers who should receive Git write access.
    • (include email and public SSH key)

Clean up Releases

Release Tag Date Major Changes
Alpha-01 August 7 VS6,BCC55, SunCC (5.7?), Metrowerks Removal (based on compiler features), Remove large Images
Alpha-02 August 14 CMake Variables configuration cleanup
Alpha-03 August 21 GDCM 2.0, OpenJpeg-v2, +JPEG2000
Alpha-04 August 28 Third party libraries update: TIFF, JPEG, PNG


Unit testing framework

A tutorial has been drafted using the Google Testing framework.


Coding Style


  • Fixing KWStyle/CDash/CTest for Git : Brad Davis report
  • The Google C+++ Style Guide is a good example of a style guide. Although the specifics may differ, the format and coverage of this guide is very nice. We may consider producing a similar Guide for ITKv4.