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Project Management

  • Schedule
  • Numerical Recipes
    • Brent file in VXL
    • Temporary code, not quite working yet
    • Failing tests were disabled... still waiting for a permanent solution.
  • Dashboard Cleanup
    • David Cole (Kitware)
    • Deadline for commits : 3:00pm EST

Technical Topics

  • Explicit Instantiation
    • Julien, Bill, Brad verifying compilation performance gains.
  • Moving contributions from the IJ to the Code/Review Directory
    • QuadEdgeMesh
    • Conformal Flattening
  • Coding Style
    • KWStyle as a CVS commit filter ?
    • Line Length rule ?
  • Image
    • Adding implementation of GetNumberOfComponentsPerPixel()
    • Rolling back that change. It didn't worked well in VS 6.0 and 7.0.