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The following are original course notes. Also refer to the course schedule.

Introduction (Luis Ibanez) (Jan 23)

Infrastructure Setup (Luis Ibanez) (Jan 26)

The Magic Cauldron - (Luis Ibanez) (Jan 30)

Software Development Process (Bill Hoffman) (Feb 6)

Open Source Governance - (Luis Ibanez) (Feb 9)

KDE (Case Study) (Marcus Hanwell) (Feb 13)

  • [[ | Notes PDF]]
  • [[ | Notes ODP]]

VTK and ParaView (Case Studies) (Will Schroeder) (Feb 17)

The Magic Cauldron - (Luis Ibanez) (Feb 20)

Economy 0x65 - (Luis Ibanez) (Feb 24)

Economy 0x65 Part II - (Luis Ibanez) (Feb 27) Tuesday

Intellectual Monopolies - Part I (Luis Ibanez) (Feb 27)

Business Models & Starting a New Business 101 (Will Schroeder) (Mar 1)

Intellectual Monopolies - Part II (Luis Ibanez) (Mar 5)

Intellectual Monopolies - Part II - part B (Luis Ibanez) (Mar 8)

Software Patents (Luis Ibanez) (Mar 12)

Software Patents - Part B (Luis Ibanez) (Mar 15)

Open Source & Business Proposals (Katie Osterdhal) (Mar 18)

Open Source Licensing - Part I (Luis Ibanez) (Mar 22)

Open Source in Health Care (Invited Speaker) (Mar 26)

Open Source & Law (Yvette Fitzgerald) (Mar 29)

  • Contracts
  • Software-Related Contracts
  • Liabilities
  • Warranties

Open Source Licensing - Part II (Luis Ibanez) (Apr 2)

Open Source Licensing - Part III (Luis Ibanez) (Apr 5)

  • Review of the Apache 2.0 License

Wikipedia and the Commons (Luis Ibanez) (Apr 9)

Class Project Hackathon (Luis Ibanez) (Apr 12)

Class Project Hackathon (Luis Ibanez) (Apr 16)

Open Source Culture (Luis Ibanez) (Apr 19)

Open Access (Luis Ibanez)

Linux Kernel (Case Study) (Luis Ibanez)

Case Study - ITK (Luis Ibanez)

Classes end May 8

  • Classes end after last evening class