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Welcome to the wiki page for the Image-Guided Surgery Toolkit (IGSTK).
This page contains resources and information for the IGSTK users and developers.
For general information, please refer to IGSTK homepage:

Information for Users

Getting Started


Cover for the 2st edition
  • IGSTKTheBook for Release 2.0 IGSTK has undergone extensive refactoring after release 2.0, some of the technical details might not be relevant in the newer release. Please refer to
Cover for the 1st edition

Relevant Links

User Distribution Map

Developer's Corner

Current Development


IGSTK Events

Relevant Links

We don't accept anonymous request to join the developers' list, if you are interested in contributing to the IGSTK project, please email

Useful resources

IGSTK software process



The initial development of the Image-Guided Surgery Toolkit is supported by NIBIB/NIH Grant 2R42EB000374-02
The new development (Phase III) is supported by NIBIB/NIH grant R01 EB007195. Project officer: Zohara Cohen, PhD


This page is dedicated to IGSTK Phase III effort.
Previous wiki page can be found on the following page: