How to build IGSTK

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At this point it is assumed you have downloaded the toolkit from our download page or from the repository. It is also assumed you have downloaded and built all of the toolkits you need to enable the desired functionality in IGSTK. If you are not sure if/which additional toolkits are required you will be notified of this during the configuration process. It is critical you use the appropriate versions of the toolkits. For example, for IGSTK 5.0 the requirements are detailed in the requirements section


The configuration process starts by running CMake on the IGSTK library.

  1. You must first create a directory that will be used for receiving the binary files resulting from the build process. This directory is called the "Binary" directory hereafter.
  2. When you run CMake
    1. in Windows you run CMakeSetup.exe and provide the Source and Binary directories for IGSTK
    2. in Linux/Unix you cd into the Binary directory and from there you type ccmake "Source-Directory".

Once the source and binary directories for IGSTK have been identified, you can select the option "configure", at this point CMake will ask you for the location of the binary directory for ITK, and the binary directory for VTK if they were not automatically detected.

To use IGSTK Qt widget, you have to build VTK with GUI support option (VTK_USE_GUISUPPORT) and Qt option (VTK_USE_QVTK) turned on

Once the VTK and ITK binary directories are specified, new options show up in the configuration. The two primary options are:


By default these options are turned on. Only tests and examples relevant for the current configuration will be built. The configuration is dependent on the settings of other options which are given below.

GUI toolkit options include:


If you turn these options on then CMake will attempt to locate the binaries of the toolkits. If it fails then it will prompt you to provide their location.

Tracking system options include:

  2. IGSTK_USE_ArucoTracker
  3. IGSTK_USE_Ascension3DGTracker
  4. IGSTK_USE_AtracsysEasyTrack500
  5. IGSTK_USE_InfiniTrack
  6. IGSTK_USE_MicronTracker
  7. IGSTK_USE_NDICertusTracker

Depending on the options you turn on, more options will show up. For example, if you turn on the MicronTracker option, then you will need to specify the include directory for the MicronTracker package and the MicronTracker (MTC) library.


//Directory where the MTC.h file is located

  1. MTC_INCLUDE_DIRECTORY:PATH=C:/Program Files/Claron Technology/MicronTracker/Dist

//Full path to the MTC.dll file

  1. MTC_LIBRARY:FILEPATH=C:/Program Files/Claron Technology/MicronTracker/Dist/MTC.lib

Additional options include:

  1. IGSTK_USE_OpenCV (required by the ArucoTracker)
  2. IGSTK_USE_OpenIGTLink ( For OpenIGTLink support, more information can be found in )
  3. IGSTK_USE_SceneGraphVisualization
  4. IGSTK_USE_VideoImager (build video imager /frame grabber support classes )

Configuration of Staging Repository

Configuration of the staging repository is the same as the main IGSTK repository. Note that there may be additional CMake options associated with specific branches.