Old socket relay code

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Before OpenIGTLink library, IGSTK team had implementation of igstk client-server class

Source code:

  1. igstkTrackerToolObserverToSocketRelay.cxx
  2. igstkTrackerToolObserverToSocketRelay.h


  1. igstkPolarisTrackerToolObserverToSocketRelayTest.cxx
  2. igstkAuroraTrackerToolObserverToSocketRelayTest.cxx
  3. igstkVicraTrackerToolObserverToSocketRelayTest.cxx
  4. igstkMicronTrackerToolObserverToSocketRelayTest.cxx
  5. igstkTrackerToolObserverToSocketRelayTest.cxx
  6. igstkTransformSocketListenerTest.cxx

With the advent of OpenIGTLink, these classes have been removed from CVS.

  • Zip file containing the above files can be found here [[1]]
  • Some instructions on how to run the tests [[2]]