IGSTK Workshop, SPIE 2013

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The Image-Guided Surgery Toolkit (IGSTK) a Resource for Researchers, Entrepreneurs, and Educators, SPIE 2013 Workshop


Developing image-guidance systems both in research and commercial settings depends upon an infrastructure whose implementation requires considerable investment. Teaching the key technologies used by image-guidance systems, in a hands-on manner, also requires such an infrastructure, in addition to placing tight constraints on cost. The Image-Guided Surgery Toolkit aims to address these issues by providing an open source infrastructure for research, education and commercial applications in image-guided interventions. In this workshop we will give an overview of the toolkit, its current state and future development plans. We will present several applications that build upon the toolkit both in the research and commercial domains. Finally, we will present a recently developed educational component, allowing students to actively engage in each of the steps of an image guided intervention, starting with pre-operative calibration and planning to performing intra-operative navigation. The workshop will conclude with a hands-on demo of this "zero" cost system.


  • Introduction and future plans [pdf].
  • Toolkit overview [pdf].
  • IGSTK based applications [SimViewX pdf, and IGSTK in use pdf].
  • Image-Guided Interventions, a hands on tutorial. [pdf, and tutorial web site]