IGSTK User Group Meeting, SPIE 2009

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We are planning to host the first IGSTK user group meeting in conjunction with SPIE 2009 in Orlando, FL.
We will use this event as an opportunity to release IGSTK 4.0 together with the updated IGSTK book.
This event will be a great opportunity for developers and users to join together and share their experiences

This meeting will be divided into two sessions:

  1. The morning session is for developers' update, where you will hear some exciting new features of the IGSTK 4.0. There is a tutorial & demo at the end of this seesion.
  2. The afternoon session is for users' presentation. This part is reserved for users to talk about their experience using IGSTK.
    You can give an overview of your work, and share with us the issues/problems/comments/suggestions/expectations you have for IGSTK. There will be an open discussion session at the end.
    • This part is open for sign up. Each presenter will have 15 minutes for talk and 5 minutes for Q&A.
      To sign up for presentation, please send an email to Patrick Cheng (cheng@isis.georgetown.edu) with your name, affiliation, and a short description of your project.

Your feedback back is very important to the continue development of the IGSTK projects. We look forward to seeing you in SPIE.

NOTE: this event is not sponsored by SPIE and there is no registration fee.

Meeting Schedule

Time & Location

10:00AM ~ 3:30 PM, February 7, 2009
Best Western Lakeside
7769 W Irlo Bronson Hwy, Kissimmee, FL‎
(407) 396-2222‎

Preliminary Agenda

Morning ( 10:00 AM ~ 12:00 PM, Moderator: Patrick Cheng )

  1. Project overview [Kevin Cleary] slides
  2. Project status update (some major improvements)
    • Refactored & extended igstkTracker class [Andinet Enquobahrie] slides
    • New universal reslicing class design and implementation [Andinet Enquobahrie /Sebastian Ordas] slides
    • Reorganized events hierarchy [Patrick Cheng /Matt Turek] slides for Events, VideoGrabber, and ScneneGraph
    • New CoordinateSystem for managing surgical scene graph and visualization tools [Patrick Cheng / Matt Turek]
    • VideoGrabber for real-time image data [Patrick Cheng / Ozgur Guler]
    • StateMachine validation tool [Kevin Gary] slides
  3. Example applications & Demos [Ziv Yaniv] slides
    • Lung Biopsy trial
    • LiverRFA application
    • Tracker utilities
    • Demo from Northern Digital Inc. (NDI) [Jeff Stanley]

Lunch break ( 12:00 PM ~ 1:30 PM )

  1. Dinning option (http://017b588.netsolhost.com/dining.htm)

Afternoon ( 1:30 PM ~ 3:30 PM, Moderator: Ziv Yaniv )

  1. User presentation
    • Chris Health, Vanderbilt University.
    Image-guided surgical drill. Abstract slides
    • Mike Daly, University of Toronto.
    Intraoperative Cone-Beam CT for Guidance of Head and Neck Surgery. Abstract slides
    • Junichi Tokuda, Harvard University Medical School, Surgical Planning Lab
    Slicer and IGSTK integration: OpenIGTLink, A standardized communication protocol for image-guided surgery systems slides
    • Dominik Spinczyk, The Silesian University of Technology, Biomedical Division(Poland)
    IGSTK and OsiriX integration Abstract
    • Pierre Jannin, INSERM University of Rennes
    Multimodal neuronavigation in neurosurgery Abstract
    • Dr. Mag. Wolfgang Freysinger, Medizinische Universität Innsbruck [Canceled]
    Navigation in an ENT setting
    • Frank Lindseth, SINTEF (Trondheim, Norway).
  2. Discussion

Strategic planning ( 4:00 PM ~ 5:30 PM, Moderator: Kevin Cleary )

  1. This session is for IGSTK development team, but others are welcome to participate

Happy hour and dinner ( 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM )

  1. Hurricane Sam’s Bar and Grill

SPIE Medical Imaging 2009

7 - 12 February 2009
Disney Coronado Springs Resort
Lake Buena Vista (Orlando Area), Florida, USA

Direction & Map

Best Western Lakeside is about 2 ½ miles from the Disney World Exit and 10-15 minutes from Coronado Springs Resort

Here is a direction map from main conference (A) to IGSTK user group meeting (B)
A: Disney Coronado Springs Resort
B: Best Western Lakeside
Google Map Link



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