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0009932CMakeCPackpublic2009-11-20 06:462011-02-25 10:51
Gordan Sikic 
CMake 2.8.5CMake 2.8.5 
0009932: RPM Generator, spaces in CPACK_PACKAGE_NAME cause error while creating RPM archive
If variable CPACK_PACKAGE_NAME contains spaces, and variable CPACK_RPM_PACKAGE_NAME is not altered in any way, rpm generation will fail with following error:

CPack Error: Problem copying the package: <source>.rpm to <destination>.rpm

rpmbuild.err contains single line:
error: line 4: Tag takes single token only: Name: boost c++ libraries

removing all spaces from CPACK_PACKAGE_NAME solves problem
This is discovered while generating RPM archive for new boost 1.4.0 distribution;
No tags attached.
related to 0010871closed Eric NOULARD CPackRPM-generated spec file won't accept spaces in file paths. 
related to 0010701closed Eric NOULARD Lack of "%doc, %config, Obsolete" in CPackRPM 
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2009-11-22 12:22   
Related discussion on the ML: [^]

I did try something but the best I can do now is to throw an
explicit error when CPACK_PACKAGE_NAME contains spaces.

In fact I may automatically build a CPACK_RPM_PACKAGE_NAME without
space but the temporary directory used by the (generic) CPack generator
do contain the space... which makes rpmbuild fails because it cannot
handle it.

This is the same issue as using a build path containing space
rpmbuild cannot handle it either...
I won't be able to fix it from within CPackRPM.
2010-07-04 09:22   
Changing the state to "unfixable" because currently it may not be fixed
2011-02-25 10:49   
Merge topic 'CPackRPM-AvoidSpaceInName-Fixbug9932' into next

5b4cbdb CPackRPM Replace space in some CPACK_ vars (Fix bug 9932)

Auto-merging Source/CPack/cmCPackRPMGenerator.cxx
Pushing upstream next
2011-02-25 10:51   
Just pushed to next.