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0009654CMakeCPackpublic2009-10-03 15:422009-11-22 13:31
David Moreau 
0009654: [CPackRPM] %files section in spec file shall not contain all directories
CPackRPM generates a spec file with a %files sections which contains all files of the projets but also all the directories. Directories that are not part of the project should not been include in this section (can conflict with other packages).

For example, if a project is storing a script in /etc/init.d/, the RPM should looks like :
rpm -qpl test.rpm
and NOT

The patch included is based on CMake 2.6.4
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related to 0009927closed Eric NOULARD CPack RPM generator does not seem to install symlinks 
related to 0012305closed Eric NOULARD RPM should include directories 
related to 0012542closed Eric NOULARD Uninstalling a cpack-generated rpm leaves empty directories behind 
patch CPackRPM.cmake.patch (1,370) 2009-10-03 15:42
patch bug-9654-erk1.patch (1,658) 2009-10-03 17:26
patch bug-9654-kami.patch (1,694) 2009-10-07 04:33
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2009-10-03 17:30   
This bug is a sibling for CMake-2-6: [^]

The second patch has been made against the CMake-2-8 branch.
The patch suppressed the %install section added by the primary patch
because I think it is not necessary.
I even think we should not use the %install spec file section at all.
It should not be necessary because cpack did already do that for us,
moreover using it will make rpmbuild fail when trying to %install.
Alex Neundorf   
2009-10-06 14:09   
So this bug here is for CMake 2.8, and 0009653 is the same but for CMake 2.6 ?

+# WE MUST DO ANYTHING in those steps because they

Is this correct in the patch or should it be "WE MUST NOT DO ANYTHING" ?

2009-10-06 14:15   
Yes the bugs are siblings bugs for 2.6 and 2.8 I think kami
did file 2 bugs because mantis was requiring CMake version.

The right sentence is:

you are right.

The meaning is we shouldn't do anything in the %install step of the spec
file because CPack should already have done his work for us.
David Moreau   
2009-10-06 14:19   
>I think kami
>did file 2 bugs because mantis was requiring CMake version.
Alex Neundorf   
2009-10-06 14:27   
Eric, can you please attach a patch against current cvs HEAD which is ready for committing, including your comments about the %install section ?

Alex Neundorf   
2009-10-06 14:28   
And can you also have a look at 0009584 ?

David Moreau   
2009-10-07 04:36   
I have just uploaded the corresponding patch (same as bug-9654-erk1.patch but with the correct comment and based on the CVS Head)
Hope it's useful

2009-10-07 05:10   
Thank you Kami that is useful.
I'll test kami's patch tonight, I'm not able to do it right now.

To Alex:
I did add monitoring on 0009584,
I will add simple comment right now
and will look deeper into it tonight too.
2009-10-07 14:42   
The latest patch from kami is OK for me too.
As far as I'm concerned it could be applied.
2009-11-09 13:47   
I'm preparing to check-in this patch to CVS HEAD.
Local tests currently running.
2009-11-09 14:07   
Local Tests OK.
Just committed to CVS HEAD.
Alex Neundorf   
2009-11-09 15:11   
I can't find you in the list of people I can assign this bug to, probably you don't have enough privileges in Mantis.
Can you ask Bill to elevate you to a level so I can assign this bug to you (so you can close it then) ?

2009-11-22 13:31   
may be include in 2.8.1 with the related bug fix