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0015277CMakeCMakepublic2014-12-03 05:202016-06-10 14:31
Georg Altmann 
Kitware Robot 
CMake 3.0 
0015277: Eclipse CDT: CUDA project error parsing broken for Nvidia Nsight
When using cmake -G"Eclipse CDT4 - Unix Makefiles" with the FindCUDA.cmake module for generating Eclipse projects for NVidia Nsight, error parsing does not work in Eclipse. NVidia Nsight is a beefed up version of Elcipse CDT.

Enabling the "nvcc error parser" in "project->properties->C/C++ Make
Project->Error Parsers" and moving it to the top of the list in the project properties has no effect.

Tested cmake versions:
cmake version (Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS)
cmake version 3.1.0-rc2 (built from source)

CUDA 6.5
Nsight Eclipse Edition 6.5
Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools Version: 8.1.2.nvidia-qualifier
System Requirements: Have GCC/g++, CUDA and Nsight installed.

1. Download cudaproj.tar.gz from this bug.
2. Extract cudaproj.tar.gz
3. mkdir cudaproj-build && cd cudaproj-build
4. cmake -G"Eclipse CDT4 - Unix Makefiles" ../cudaproj
5. Import the project from cudaproj-build into Nsight,
6. Build the project.
7. In the console the compiler error ".../cudaproj/regular.cpp:3:2: error: ā€˜Cā€™ was not declared in this scope" is highlighted, double-clicking on it opens regular.cpp and the cursor is on line 3.
8. In the console the compiler error " error: identifier "syntax" is undefined" is _not_ highlighted while it should be.
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gz cudaproj.tar.gz (393) 2014-12-03 05:20
gz fix-cmake-nsight-err-0.01.tar.gz (1,375) 2014-12-08 11:38
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Georg Altmann   
2014-12-03 05:22   
Error parsing works fine for "native" nsight CUDA projects and for
non-CUDA/non-nvcc c++ sources.
Georg Altmann   
2014-12-08 11:38   
I traced down the root cause of this.
In the .project XML project file, the sub-tree


contains key/value pairs.


configures the list of error parsers:


For nvcc error parsing to work, nvcc.errorParse must be in the list. Order matters, so it is probably best to put it in front.

I hacked together a little python script for my personal use which patches Eclipse CDT projects accordingly. It is attached as fix-cmake-nsight-err-0.01.tar.gz
Brad King   
2014-12-08 11:50   
Re 0015277:0037407: The value of org.eclipse.cdt.core.errorOutputParser is populated here:;a=blob;f=Source/cmExtraEclipseCDT4Generator.cxx;hb=v3.0.2#l415 [^]

That could be extended to add other error parsers, either through some kind of configuration value the project or user can set, through detection, or perhaps just a hard-coded value.

I don't personally use any of these tools so I'm not sure which approach would be best.
Georg Altmann   
2014-12-08 12:21   
Looking at the code for compilerId, checking this for nvcc is not enough, since a CUDA project is likely to use nvcc next to other compilers and nvcc is not necessarily set as CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER: FindCUDA does not touch CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER but configures CUDA_NVCC_EXECUTABLE and others separately.

IMHO FindCUDA should trigger a setting which makes cmake add nvcc.errorParser to the list of error parsers. This setting should be user configurable. Rationale: nvcc error parsing could break parsing for some other compiler or FindCUDA is not used.

Maybe we can add a new global property for this?
List of error parsers to use for the generated Eclipse project file.

This configures the list of error parsers used by Eclipse.
The default is to set the error parser based on the used C or C++ compiler. If this property is defined, it defines the list of error parsers exclusively.
Non-exhaustive list of error parsers:
* org.eclipse.cdt.core.VCErrorParser MS Visual Studio
* org.eclipse.cdt.core.GmakeErrorParser GNU Make
* org.eclipse.cdt.core.MakeErrorParser Make
* org.eclipse.cdt.core.GCCErrorParser GCC
* org.eclipse.cdt.core.GASErrorParser GNU As
* org.eclipse.cdt.core.GLDErrorParser GNU LD
* nvcc.errorParser NVidia nvcc (only defined in NSight)

I can prepare a patch if this is useful.
Brad King   
2014-12-08 14:02   
Re 0015277:0037412: I think a ECLIPSE_ERROR_PARSERS property makes sense, and FindCUDA could set that once the generator offers it.

If you work on a patch please read CONTRIBUTING.rst and send the patch to the list for review.
Georg Altmann   
2014-12-15 11:55   
JFYI: I do not have the resources to implement a patch for ECLIPSE_ERROR_PARSERS right now. I will bear with the hackish solution from fix-cmake-nsight-err-0.01.tar.gz. If anybody else is willing to implent ECLIPSE_ERROR_PARSERS as described above, please go ahead.
Kitware Robot   
2016-06-10 14:29   
Resolving issue as `moved`.

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