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0012986CMakeCMakepublic2012-02-21 03:162012-09-03 16:02
Dave Abrahams 
Brad King 
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Apple MacOS X10.4.10
CMake 2.8.7 
0012986: Portable directory symlinking with -E
It would be great if I could create an NTFS directory symlink with -E create_symlink
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duplicate of 0013162closed Kitware Robot create_symlink command portability 
related to 0012376closed Kitware Robot Add symlink support 
related to 0005177closed Bill Hoffman cmake -E create_symlink issues 
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Michael Wild   
2012-02-21 03:25   
See [^] for why creating symlinks on WIN32 is a PITA. You wouldn't want a password dialog popping up every time a new symlink is created by CMake, possibly hundreds of times, right? And telling your users to modify the security settings is also not a real solution ;-)
Brad King   
2012-04-24 08:48   
Resolving as duplicate of the more recent issue 0013162 because that one subsumes this one (as in generalization of symlink creation support to handle all types of NTFS symlinks).
David Cole   
2012-09-03 16:02   
Closing resolved issues that have not been updated in more than 4 months.