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0012913CDash(No Category)public2012-01-25 03:372012-01-25 08:42
Vincent Hobeïka 
Julien Jomier 
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gandi i686 2.6.27-gandi-2777GNU/Linux debiansqueeze
0012913: CDash fails to open update.xml file if CTEST_SITE variable contains a slash character
When running a nightly script with ctest on a host where CTEST_SITE is set with a "/" slash in the string, submission returns no error with default output settings.

In the dashboard Tests results end up not showing.

In ctest extra verbose and debug mode we can read the following error:
Cannot open file (/srv/bla/html/CDash/backup/myProject_hal/failure_Linux-2.6.39-bpo.2-amd64-gcc-Debug-myProject-experimental_20120124-1619-Experimental_132742243899.18_Update.xml)
Create a nightly or experimental build script. Put a "/" in the CTEST_SITE variable:

set (CTEST_SITE "my/awesome site")
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