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0012416CDash(No Category)public2011-08-21 20:182011-12-25 18:22
Craig Scott 
Julien Jomier 
0012416: Error logs are never cleared
When logged in as an administrator, on the "My CDash" page there is an orange exclamation icon next to some projects indicating there have been errors. That's great, except there's no way to clear the errors once they've been looked at and addressed. It appears that these errors are stored in the database itself and that the intention is that only those messages from the last 10 days should be kept (see the end of the cdash/log.php file, specifically the call to $errorLog->Clean(10) and the comment that precedes it). I suspect that the code that is meant to be clearing the log of old messages is not working. Another problem here is that old messages would only be cleared when a new log message arrives. Shouldn't this test be triggered by something that happens daily (eg the first build/test submission of the day)?
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Julien Jomier   
2011-12-25 18:22   
Added button to delete the entire logs from the viewLog page.
Added automatic log removal (10 days) on the first build of the day.

Thanks for the report!