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0012403CDash(No Category)public2011-08-16 08:212011-11-04 15:23
Stephen Kelly 
Julien Jomier 
0012403: CDash should report the time since reported builds
CDash reports build times such as 2011-08-15T21:09:18 EDT. Not living in the EDT timezone I have no concept of how long ago that was, and if it is a recent build.

There should be some indication of how long ago it was in fuzzy time (eg 2011-08-15T21:09:18 EDT, 3 hours ago, 2011-08-15T21:09:18 EDT, 5 minutes ago).
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David Cole   
2011-08-16 09:55   
Great idea!
David Cole   
2011-08-22 11:41   
This is a fine suggestion, but please do not simply replace the one time representation with the other... Sometimes it is necessary to know precisely when a submission or build occurred, and there should be a way to get to the exact actual timestamp when necessary, too, -- i.e. a tooltip, or a drill down when clicked on, or just parenthetical text even: "2 hours ago (2011-08-22 09:37:23 EDT)"
Julien Jomier   
2011-08-22 12:02   
With the new CDash redesign we changed the time representation to "2 hours ago" and added a tooltip with the current build time. It looks good so far, but feedbacks will be appreciated!