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0012360CDash[CMake] CTestpublic2011-07-26 00:062011-12-22 17:07
Craig Scott 
Julien Jomier 
0012360: CDash colors for build graphs have poor contrast
Sorry this is a report for CDash, not ctest (can't seem to find your bug tracker for CDash). When looking at a build summary and showing the "Show build graph" option, the build graph uses very similar colors for build errors and failing tests. For those of us with a degree of color blindness (and the type I have is relatively common), it would be better if one of these two colors was a contrasting red. As it currently stands, they both look like very similar shades of green! I realise most folk probably think I'm daft and that the two colors are nothing like each other, but given that there's an easy alternative to doesn't disadvantage anyone but does help some of us, I'd encourage a color change.
Look at the build graph for any build in CDash.
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David Cole   
2011-07-26 14:17   
For future reference, when submitting new bugs, CDash is a separate project from CMake. So first, choose "CDash" from the "Project:" drop down and then click on the "Report Issue" link.

Craig Scott   
2011-07-26 19:09   
Yep, that's exactly what I wanted to do, but I completely missed the Project combo box over at the top right of the page and was wondering why I couldn't find CDash in the Category combo box in the main part of the page. :-P

Julien Jomier   
2011-12-22 17:07   
The colors should have better contrast in the next release of CDash. Thanks for the report!