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0011108CDashpublic2010-08-11 00:052010-10-25 02:36
David O'Shea 
Julien Jomier 
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0011108: Build shows up more than once if it has more than one note added to it
After submitting a nightly build using 'ctest -S', it showed up under "Nightly" in our CDash (hosted privately). After adding a note to it by selecting the build in the "Build Name" column then selecting "[Add a Note to this Build]" and adding a note, the dashboard showed the note icon next to the build name in the "Build Name" column. When additional notes were added to this same build, the build started to be repeated in the dashboard, once for each note added to it. The build name links in the "Build Name" column for each of the duplicates all refer to the same URL (and therefore build ID).
1. submit nightly build results
2. add more than one note via the dashboard
The nightly build in question consists of only configure and build steps, and has a number of build warnings.
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Julien Jomier   
2010-08-11 15:57   
The SQL JOIN query was wrong. We had to change it to a separate query. Thanks for the report!