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0010819CDashpublic2010-06-11 06:452011-12-22 07:42
David Cole 
Julien Jomier 
0010819: Make one more category for coverage files : "complete" or "perfect"
The viewCoverage.php page is great in that it first shows you (by default) the "low coverage" files. That's likely what you're most interested in when you visit the viewCoverage page.

The current categories are: low - medium - and satisfactory.

I think we should add a fourth category : "complete" or "perfect" -- just for the files with absolutely 100% coverage.

Two benefits to this feature request:
- you can see the number of files (at a glance, on your first visit to viewCoverage.php) in each category
- it will further reduce the load time of the "satisfactory" page (assuming that your project has some files in this new 100% category...)
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