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0010126CMakeCMakepublic2010-01-12 10:512016-06-10 14:31
Johannes Felten 
Kitware Robot 
0010126: CMake creates files with wrong permissions
CMake generates files with different file-permissions, eg. in $CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR/CMakeFiles a file 'progress.make' with group-permissions set to ReadOnly, whereas a file 'Makefile.cmake' with group-permissions set to ReadWrite. This makes it impossible to have User A to configure and run make, and another User B to run re-configure, even if both users are within the same group of users.
Was tracked down to Source/kwsys/ProcessUNIX.c in function kwsysProcessSetupOutputPipeFile. CMake sets the permissions explicitly to 644 here. Might be elswhere too.
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Brad King   
2010-01-12 13:58   
I've committed change "Trust umask for file permissions" to address this problem everywhere I could find.

  Source/kwsys/ProcessUNIX.c rev 1.93
  Source/cmFileCommand.cxx rev 1.143
  Source/cmWriteFileCommand.cxx rev 1.19

All the open modes are converted to '0666' to be no more restrictive than the umask.
Johannes Felten   
2010-02-08 06:00   
Fix works almost perfectly, yet there are some files still having 0644 rights:
in builddir/CMakeFiles/ it's
- CMakeCCompiler.cmake
- CMakeCXXCompiler.cmake
- CMakeSystem.cmake
Couldn't figure out how these files get created, so I can't tell whether there are others.
Brad King   
2010-02-08 08:36   
CMakeCCompiler.cmake is created (and later re-created) by calls to the configure_file() command in Modules/CMake(Determine|Test)CCompiler.cmake to record some information about the C compiler. Similarly for CMakeCXXCompiler.cmake. CMakeSystem.cmake is configured by Modules/CMakeDetermineSystem.cmake.

The configure_file() command copies/edits a file from some source to a destination. It copies the permissions from the source location. In this case the sources are:


If you hack your installation to give these files permissions 0664 then the configured versions should also have such permissions.
Brad King   
2010-02-08 08:39   
The input files get installed by the install() command called from CMake's own top CMakeLists.txt file:

    DIRECTORY Modules ...

One possible upstream fix is to change these permissions. I don't know if everyone wants their modules to be group writable though.

Another possible fix is to add an HONOR_UMASK option to configure_file() that changes how it determines the output file permissions.

I'll have to discuss this with other developers.
Brad King   
2010-02-08 18:26   
The full fix for this is as follows:

(1) Teach the install() command (and other commands that have a mode API) new modes called just READ, WRITE, and EXECUTE. When applied, the permissions get duplicated for owner, group, and world bits subject to the umask. Then code like


would cause files to be created with "0666" subject to the umask, and code like


would cause files to be created with "0777" subject to the umask. This will allow a very concise way to get standard behavior.

(2) Teach configure_file() and other places that copy permissions from some input file, such as the USE_SOURCE_PERMISSIONS option of some commands, to (optionally?) use only the OWNER mode bits from the input. The owner mode bits would be used for owner, group, and world bits, subject to the umask as above. This is appropriate because the whole reason that configure_file() copies input permissions is to preserve the executable bits on scripts.
It may be desirable for this "option" to be the default because otherwise many calls to configure_file() in many projects would have to be updated with the option (and new calls would probably leave out the option accidentally). In order to make this the default we need to introduce a new CMake Policy to handle compatibility. Policy introduction must be done carefully and generally involves sweeps through code to correct the same wrong behavior everywhere it occurs. This will require a careful evaluation of every place that creates files...a non trivial task.
David Cole   
2011-01-18 11:18   
Looking at "older" "feedback" status bugs today... is this still an issue that we want to address moving forward? If so, please remove the "feedback" status and just set it to "assigned"... If not, please resolve it.

Brad King   
2011-01-18 11:41   
The way forward is outlined in 0010126:0019488, but I have no time to do it now. Changing back to "assigned" for now.
Brad King   
2012-06-25 14:29   
Moving to backlog for reason stated in 0010126:0024871.
Kitware Robot   
2016-06-10 14:27   
Resolving issue as `moved`.

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