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0000916ITKpublic2004-06-07 13:382009-04-07 06:34
ReporterMathieu Malaterre 
Assigned ToBrad Davis 
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Summary0000916: IOCommon duplicate code from SystemTools
DescriptionThere is duplicated code from SystemTools.cxx in itkIOCommon.[h cxx]
It would be nice if we either mark it as deprecated or use SystemTools calls instead.
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Luis Ibanez (manager)
2007-09-18 11:05

This is not a bug, but a nice thing to have to be consistent with the functions in kwsys.

We will address it in WA10.

The internal implementation of the methods will be replaced with calls to kwsys methods.
Brad Davis (developer)
2008-05-09 14:14

The ITK and kwsys functions return slightly different results. For example, ITK does not return the '.' in the extension but kwsys does. Also, ITK returns a final '/' on a path, but kwsys strips it.

So, we can wrap the kwsys functions with some logic that makes these modifications.

However, it will be best if developers use the kwsys calls directly.

Right now I'm waiting on an apparent bug in kwsys.
Brad Davis (developer)
2008-05-26 10:17

In order to maintain backwards compatibility, we will keep the current implementations but deprecate them.
Brad Davis (developer)
2008-05-26 12:02

Deprecated methods and added tests. I decided not to call kwsys methods directly because the rules regarding trailing slashes, dots for extensions, etc. differed and it would be a fragile mess to translate back and forth.

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