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0000549ITKpublic2004-01-28 07:312011-06-01 17:13
Reporterviet bui xuan 
Assigned ToJim Miller 
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Summary0000549: file readers do not invoke progressevents
DescriptionThere is no way currently to be informed of reader's progress ass they do not invoke progressevents ("utilies" do not know about itk) as hinted by Luis Ibanez:
"In order to get around this we will have to modify
the IO third party libraries to insert some sort of
callbacks, then provide such callbacks from the
respective ImageIO classes and translate the calls
into InvokeEvent() calls."
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Lydia Ng (developer)
2005-08-09 14:16

Jim will have a look.
Luis Ibanez (manager)
2007-09-19 16:53

Some file format readers will be able to report events {Meta, Nifti, DICOM} others will not, since we don't get event from the underlying libraries.

To be looked at during WA10
Jim Miller (developer)
2011-06-01 17:13

ITK reads JPEG and PNG files a scan-line at a time. So slipping a progress event into the corresponding ImageIO::Read() method should be doable.

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