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0003205ITKpublic2006-05-05 10:212010-12-06 11:28
ReporterTom Vercauteren 
Assigned ToZiv Yaniv 
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Summary0003205: Record the best value visited by an optimizer
DescriptionIt is possible for several optimizers in ITK not to optimize the metric value at each step. Hence the last position might not be the best position visited by the optimizer.

The "disturbing" thing is that the optimizers (and registration methods) only allow to directly query for the last position (using optimizer->GetCurrentPosition() or registration->GetLastTransformParameters() ).

I know it is possible to keep the best position by using observers, but it would be nice if the optimizers could keep this best position and if we could simply call something like optimizer->GetBestPosition() or registration->->GetBestTransformParameters().

Of course some optimizers (e.g. Powell, LBFGS, FRPR etc.) do not need to store this position as they can only optimize the metric value. In such a case GetBestPosition() could simply call GetCurrentPosition().
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related to 0003606assignedbrian avants RegularStepGradientDescentOptimizer reports current position out of sync in iteration event 

Luis Ibanez (manager)
2007-09-19 12:31

To be solved in WA10.
Hans Johnson (developer)
2010-10-21 12:59

Brian Avants to consider this during the ITKv4 image registration refactoring.

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