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0002973ITKpublic2006-03-17 19:282009-04-07 08:06
Assigned ToMathieu Malaterre 
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Summary0002973: Need name mangling for openjpeg
DescriptionAs per Mathieu Malaterre:

"ImageMagick is using Jasper for there -buggy- implementation of JPEG2000, whereas ITK is using OpenJPEG ... and of course those two project decided to use the same name for declaring there main function."

This causes problems if someone wants to link to a third party jpeg IO library, such as ImageMagick. This problem cropped up in ITK release 2.6.0.

The reporter was using ImageMagick's IO API instead of ITK's to handle some troublesome 16-bit tiff images. These images now load in ITK.
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Mathieu Malaterre (developer)
2008-11-30 11:36

This is fixed in GDCM 2.x
Mathieu Malaterre (developer)
2008-11-30 11:41

Fixed. See [^]

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