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0002723ITKpublic2006-01-15 19:572010-11-08 06:08
ReporterRichard Beare 
Assigned ToGaetan Lehmann 
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002723: MultiResolutionImageRegistrationMethod type dependent crashing
DescriptionThis bug was discovered using the python interface from Gaetan Lehman (see script below). Basically, if the MultiResolutionImageRegistrationMethod is instantiated with unsigned short types a segmentation fault occurs whenever there is more than one level in the pyramid. If there is only one level it appears to function successfully. If the image types are changed to float, it works successfully.
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Lydia Ng (developer)
2006-02-21 16:41

Lydia to follow up.
Gaetan Lehmann (developer)
2010-11-08 06:08

Richard, can you look at that bug and see if it is still there?
Using your example, and without the input images, I only succeeded to trigger an exception.
If that's not related to wrapitk, I'd like to pass it to someone actually competent in registration.



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