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0001923ITKpublic2005-06-10 03:202010-11-04 22:11
Assigned ToLuis Ibanez 
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Summary0001923: Complex FFT support in ITK
DescriptionDue to the reasons mentioned in the ITK's bug/feature request number 1918, ITK should have support for complex (i)FFT
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kavec (reporter)
2005-06-14 09:54

Hi. I have written filter classes for complex FFT myself, just to practice. These are itkFFTComplexToComplexImageFilter, which is the base class and itkFFTWComplexToComplexImageFilter, which is the FFTW implementation. The base class has a virtual method to set the direction of FFT. I am happy to share the objects. Drop me an email, if there is any interest. Cheers. Martin
Luis Ibanez (manager)
2007-09-19 10:38

to be done in WA10
Cory W Quammen (developer)
2010-11-04 22:11

The requested classes appear to be in ITK now.

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