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0001538ITKpublic2005-01-27 17:052009-12-14 10:20
ReporterMathieu Malaterre 
Assigned ToLuis Ibanez 
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Summary0001538: itkIntTypes.h and 64 bits integer type
DescriptionThe definition of 64 bits integer is wrong in the header file:


We need to copy paste from gdcm to have the proper type (__int64) on VS6
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related to 0009426closedBradley Lowekamp ITK_UINT64 and vxl_uint_64 are not a 64bit integer on windows 

Luis Ibanez (manager)
2007-09-18 11:49

To be discussed with Brad K, Bill H.

a) copying from VTK
b) moving 64 ints discovery and typedefs to kwsys so it can be shared

To be done in WA10, maybe during the NAMIC AHM January 2008
Mathieu Malaterre (developer)
2009-12-02 17:03

I think this is fixed now...
Brad King (manager)
2009-12-14 10:20

Discussion and changes appear in issue 0009426, so I'm closing this older one as a duplicate.

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