[Insight-users] Post-doc position at CNES Toulouse

Jordi Inglada jordi.inglada at cnes.fr
Mon Feb 27 09:10:41 EST 2006

Dear all,

We have an open post-doc position in remote sesning image processing at 
CNES Toulouse starting between October and December 2006.

Here goes the research subject :

       "Multidimensional rank statistics for similarity measures"

Remote sensing images allow for the monitoring of the Earth's surface 
evolution with a (spatial, spectral and temporal) resolution and a field 
of view which is always improving. Many processing alorithms are 
therefore based on statistical caracterizations of multidimensional 
- In multispectral optical images the links and redundancies between the 
different channels are seldom exploited.
- In radar imaging the data are complex. Until now, the circular 
gaussian model was commonly used. At metric resolutions, the assumptions 
of independence and stationnarity of the observations do not hold 
anymore. Hence, new models are needed (for instance in subaperture 
- In POLSAR imaging, the different channels are only modelled up to the 
second order (polarimetric coherence, Wishart statistics) while it would 
be interesting to go beyond these models in order to process very high 
resolution data.
- In change detection analysis, the similarity measures used are based 
on the information theory (mutal information, for instance). The 
optimizations used for the estimation of those measures are essentially 
based on Edgeworth series expansions. The observed dependences could be 
characterized by using parametric models (as copulas, for instance) 
instead of using expressions which have a high complexity. In the 
multi-sensor case, there is no tool allowing the automatic comparison of 
an optical and a radar image.

In this work, non conventional statistical models will be used (higher 
order statistics, copulas, rank statistics, etc.) in order to evaluate 
their pertinence in the operational processing of Earth observation 
remote sensing data.

Interested applicants should contact me by e-mail: jordi.inglada at cnes.fr

Thanks in advance.


18, avenue Edouard Belin
31401 Toulouse Cedex 09 - France
Tel. +33.(0) - Fax. +33.(0)

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