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Leopold Palomo Avellaneda leo at alaxarxa.net
Fri Jul 11 05:00:54 EDT 2008

A Dijous 10 Juliol 2008, Olaf Peter va escriure:
> Hi,
> it would be great if FindQt (resp. FindQt4) would support a user file
> extension for QT4_WRAP_UI, e.h. hpp for the ui header. *.hpp is a common
> C++ header extension as I use it for my code.

Since cmake 2.4.8 you have the OPTIONS parameter to pass to QT4_WRAP_UI, so 
_maybe_ you could have it.

However, I think that to have in the build directory *.h files rather than 
the .hpp (as a product of uic) is no a "problem" and doesn't deserve that you 
spend any minute of your time, IHMO.


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