[CMake] Custom build command for documentation

Alexander.Camek at elektrobit.com Alexander.Camek at elektrobit.com
Tue Jan 8 04:03:47 EST 2008

Hi all,

currently I can generate for some subdirectories my Latex and Doxygen documentation. This is done like it is described in the cmake FAQ.
What I now want to do is to collect all this commands of the subdirectory and put it in an unique common build command, e.g. make doc.
The idea is that the user can generate all documents with one common command, like cmake currently does during source build when a user types make all.

The problem is that when I add a custom target it doesn't know about targets given by a ADD_SUBDIRECTORY command.

Consider following structure:

  \module1 -> some docu
  \module2 -> some docu
  \module3 -> some docu
  \tool1 -> some docu
  \tool2 -> some docu

Then think about the user who types in "make doc" and all documents of the whole build is generated.

Is it with current release (cmake 2.4.7) possible to generate such a command for generating documentation?

If not so. Does the next big step of cmake (cmake 2.5 or 2.6 ???) consider something like a doc command in it? Similar to the install command which collects all informations of the to installable files. 

Thanks for your help.



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